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Physicians confirm HRM delivers timely electronic reports into certified EMRs to improve follow-up patient care

HRM's delivery of medical record and diagnostic imaging reports from hospitals across Ontario is providing immediate clinical value for Ontario patients.

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OntarioMD kicks off the EMR Physician Dashboard initiative Proof of Concept

OntarioMD's EMR Physician Dashboard framework shows physicians high-value provincial and practice indicators at a glance that increase the clinical value of their certified EMRs.

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Call For Abstracts now open

The EMR: Every Step Conference is accepting abstracts for the conference on September 22, 2016 in Toronto.

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Upcoming Events

June 1: Primary Care Oncology Day (Keynote Address by Dr. Darren Larsen, CMIO)
June 1: Webinar: Integration engine improves interoperability
June 5-8: eHealth 2016
June 8-9: AOHC Conference - Shift the Conversation: Community Health and Wellbeing
Sept 22: Every Step Conference (Toronto)

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Hospital Report Manager (HRM)

Award-winning HRM has been selected as a finalist for an Ingenious Award. HRM sends MR and DI reports electronically to clinicians who use a certified EMR.


Recognized as a Leading Practice by Accreditation Canada due to its effectiveness in improving the coordination of care. eNotifications inform primary care provider in near real-time when their patients are discharged from the Emergency Department, or are admitted or discharged from in-patient units.

Health Card Validation Basic

Physician practices can access this free service to validate the eligibility of a patient's health card in real-time.