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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Adoption Program is accepting new applications

The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Adoption Program is now accepting new applications for the one-year program extension from April 1 to September 30, 2014. Funding positions are limited to 760. Apply today!

Extended EMR Program to Expand ASP EMR Offerings

OntarioMD and eHealth Ontario are expanding the EMR marketplace by removing the restrictions on the number of funding eligible Application Service Provider (ASP) offerings in Ontario. More EMR vendors will be able to offer ASP EMR products to Ontario's clinicians.

What's New
15 new hospitals are sending reports via Hospital Report Manager (HRM)

Hospitals from the Eastern Ontario Clinical Data Repository are now sending reports through HRM to clinicians. Find out which health care facilities are on HRM and how to get connected.

Watch video highlights from the past EMR: Every Step Conference and Vendor Showcase and plan to attend the upcoming 2014 dates in Ottawa and Toronto.

New Tools & Documents

The following resources have been developed by OntarioMD and are available for download:

Products & Services
Health Card Validation Basic

Physician practices can access this free service to validate the eligibility of a patient's health card in real-time.

Hospital Report Manager (HRM)

HRM enables physicians using a Spec 4.1 (or higher) funding eligible EMR offering to receive narrative text-based MR and DI reports electronically from sending facilities.

Transition Support Guide

Navigate through your EMR journey with the help of our Transition Support Guide. The guide is built on the new change management framework, and outlines support activities to be provided to physicians every step of the EMR adoption.