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"Thank you for navigating me through the EMR implementation process in Ontario so well. As US-trained physician, this was especially helpful as I was new to the Ontario system. On a structural level, names such as: OLIS, HMR, OMA, OMD were just random abbreviations and your explanation of the complexity of the environment was a large part of the help. In addition, I inherited a paper-based practice from my predecessor. The EMR launch was not without complications, such as being initially connected to the wrong server, requiring a return to paper charting with subsequent data reintegration problems, laboratory reports showing up at random, EMR embedded electronic faxing failures just to mention a few. I am grateful for the substantial amount of assistance we obtained from OMD with this complex system-based troubleshooting which took us almost a year to clarify.

Moreover, we had the opportunity to participate in several sessions of EMR advanced flow training with Dr. Kevin Samson. With his help, we were able to achieve an efficient clinic workflow, including successful implementation of Ocean with all its features. In the market where EMRs are feature-oriented, but not flow-oriented, learning from someone's experience may just be the best thing to do for a newcomer. Overall, in many ways, it felt like OMD was our light on the horizon guiding us through this challenging and unintuitive EMR implementation process.

Dr. Bart Kaczmarek, Family Physician, Windsor

"Kevin [note: Dr. Kevin Samson, Physician Peer Leader], thank you so much for yet another great demonstration of how to be a better PSS user. You covered a lot of material and it was great to see someone focused on daily tasks efficiency show us how to make the best of it. I see lots of things that we can utilise and adjust as of today to make our daily routines easier. I plan to create some custom searches, develop a monthly routine with tracking rostered and de-rostered patients, as well as making slimmer and more meaningful toolbars designed for my particular needs. Lots of exciting changes ahead of us. Thank you for guiding us through this!"  

Family Physician, Windsor

"The Peer Leader that came to my clinic last week was AWESOME. He was so helpful, knowledgeable, and was able to provide so many helpful hints and tips. I was so impressed. This is such a great service OntarioMD provides!"  

Dr. H. Jamal, Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University

"My expectations for the OntarioMD Peer Leader Program were significantly exceeded. Dr. Halperin was very adept at EMR usage and tips for productivity. She provided helpful suggestions, with information directly relevant to how I use my EMR. Several of her suggestions have dramatically improved my efficiency and satisfaction with my EMR. I very much appreciate the excellent service provided by the Peer Leader Program and consider my session with a Peer Leader very well-spent. I believe there is tremendous untapped wisdom and clinical, specialty-specific help that Peer Leaders can provide to specialists who use EMRs."

Dr. E. Lalor, Gastroenterologist, Barrie

"The OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader I worked with gave me good advice around workflow, billing and tracking. She also invited me and my staff to her office to see her workflow, and her staff members gave us further advice."

Dr. Richard Chen, Family Physician

"Practical assistance to make better use of our EMR was invaluable, and I would certainly recommend Peer Leaders to other practices."

Dr. David Tannenbaum, Lead Physician, Mount Sinai Academic Family Health Team

"The Peer Leader sessions sped up the learning curve and helped ease the pain of moving to an EMR from a paper based office. We would definitely recommend Peer Leaders to other physicians or practices."

Keele Medical Family Health Group

"Thank you so much for spending time with us and answering all our questions about Accuro®. Thank you also for sharing with us your experience during your migration. It was all very helpful information and we really appreciate it."

Grace Mancenido, EMR Project Coordinator & Systems Specialist , LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology