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Advancing Digital Health for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs)

OntarioMD (OMD) is working with Ontario Health (OH) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to support digital health adoption for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) and the community-based clinicians located within each OHT through our OHT Digital Health Advancement Program, training and education. 

OMD’s almost 20 years of experience working with more than 20,000 clinicians means we understand what clinicians need to deliver the best possible patient care. OMD provides clinicians with practical tools and supports to improve workflows and enhance efficiency using their EMR and other digital health tools that provide access to lab test results, hospital reports, drug information and much more.

Take Advantage of Our Clinician Engagement Strategies 

OHT Digital Health Advancement Program 

Leverage OMD Advisors who live and work locally throughout Ontario and have extensive experience engaging clinicians in your OHT. 

  • Clinician Onboarding: Efficient and practical onboarding to digital health tools, along with personalized training on how to adopt and use tools for more informed patient care and to improve patient outcomes. We onboard clinicians to the tools recommended for community-based clinicians in Ontario’s Digital Health Playbook (PDF), and support them to become proficient users for quality improvement and population health management. 

  • Funding Proposals: Support with developing proposals for, and implementing, OH-funded digital health initiatives. 

  • Quality Improvement and Population Health Education: Help with advancing quality improvement and population health priorities through OMD offerings (e.g., i4C DashboardOMD Advisory Service and Peer Leader Program) and a wide range of educational opportunities on topics relevant to clinicians.  

  • Alignment of Needs: Experts at linking OHT needs to the tangible needs of clinicians so that they feel supported, helping to cultivate win-win relationships.

  • OMD Advisory Service: Ongoing advice to help clinicians optimize their use of digital health and virtual care tools and improve practice efficiency—including time-saving tips to access and manage consults, reports from hospitals, specialty clinics and COVaxON, medication data, lab test results and other patient information—and protect patient data. 


OMD Educates: Education for Clinicians by Experts 

Gain access to a comprehensive, practical education program (e.g., Digital Health & Virtual Care Conference, OMD webinars, workshops, training, resources, etc.) to help clinicians in OHTs use their EMRs better, improve their data quality, and create efficiencies to save time and resources and improve patient care.

Check out for more information on educational resources and support for clinicians. 


Privacy and Security Program 

Access to robust privacy and security training and resources to support clinicians in OHTs with protecting patient data, and to increase maturity and alignment of clinical practices with provincial and regional standards and policies.

Why OMD? Use Our Expertise to Advance Digital Health in Your OHT 

  • We have almost two decades of experience in change management expertise and helping clinicians across Ontario with their digital health needs and quality improvement goals. 

  • We are involved with OHTs in every area of the province and understand your unique needs.    

  • Our Clinician Peer Leaders in your OHT understand the gaps and needs of OHTs at different levels of maturity. 

  • We are knowledge translators and connectors: we link your needs to the needs of clinicians! 

  • Several of our digital health services are identified as enabling solutions in Ontario’s Digital Health Playbook (PDF). 


Get Started Today 

For support around digital health adoption and your clinician engagement needs, or for more information on how OMD can help you advance digital health in your OHT, contact us at 


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