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OLIS Deployment

OLIS Deployment

What is Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) Deployment?

The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) gives authorized health care providers access to lab test orders and results from hospitals, community labs and public health labs. As patients move between hospitals, family physicians, home care and long-term care settings, OLIS makes viewing patients' current and past test results easier and enables treatment decisions to be made at the point of care. Clinicians using an OntarioMD-certified electronic medical record (EMR) can access the latest lab results for their patients or perform patient queries in OLIS. 

  • To sign up for OLIS, email
  • Need help with OLIS? Call the Ontario Health Service Desk at 1-888-411-7742 or email 
  • OLIS Deployment is a service provided by OntarioMD on behalf of Ontario Health to connect community-based family physicians,  specialists and nurse practitioners using a certified EMR to OLIS. 

A note on patient consent to access lab results through OLIS: Patient lab results provided through OLIS are considered Personal Health Information. A Health Information Custodian (HIC) can rely on implied consent to access these results when they are part of the patient's circle of care to provide health care to the individual. In some circumstances, patients have the right to restrict/block access to their results. This may restrict the lab results you see. Please visit the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario website for more information. 

What are the benefits of OLIS? 

Patient Benefits

  • Family physicians, specialists, hospitals, home care long-term care facilities can all access patients' lab information
  • Family physicians using OntarioMD-certified EMRs can access patient lab results quickly to identify trends from lab histories and manage patients with chronic diseases more effectively
  • Fewer visits to the lab for unnecessary or duplicate laboratory tests

Physician Benefits

  • Timely access to patient lab information for improved decision-making
  • More comprehensive and complete laboratory test information
  • Better coordination of care between multiple practitioners and within health care teams
  • Easily integrated into workflows and no need to wait for paper lab results to arrive

Who can get OLIS?

Any community-based physician or nurse practitioner using an OntarioMD-certified EMR can get OLIS. 

How do I get OLIS?

Contact your OntarioMD Advisor to initiate OLIS deployment in your practice. If you are a certified EMR user and do not yet have an OntarioMD  Advisor, please e-mail OntarioMD at