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Reconciling COVID-19 Vaccine Data

OMD has developed tools and toolkits in partnership with Ontario Health to help primary care clinicians reconcile the data in Ontario Health's eReport Practice Level COVID-19 Vaccination Report ("eReport"), also known as the COVaxON Aggregate Primary Care Vaccination Report, with clinicians' EMR data. Each toolkit contains a step-by-step User Guide and a Patient Vaccination Workbook.

Please note that the eReport is not intended to be imported into your EMR. Each toolkit helps reconcile a list of patients extracted from your EMR with the eReport to identify your patients who have received a COVID-19 vaccine. In mid-September 2021, the eReport will include all patients and will indicate those who have received the vaccine and those who have not.

Please access the eReport on the Ontario Health portal. Please note, a ONE® ID is required to access the COVaxON Aggregate Primary Care Vaccination Report. You will also need Microsoft Excel.

Note: Access the OpenOffice file versions here if you don't have Excel.
This page was last updated on November 15, 2021.

HRM Advisory Notice

As of August 27, 2022, the latest version of LOINC codes (v2.72) are being leveraged by HRM, as part of this release an additional character (hyphen) has been added to the description field for ‘COVID-19 Immunization Note’ (LOINC # 96874-3) reports, this may impact HRM mappings within your EMR as well as any custom built queries/tools. For more information contact:

QHR Accuro® EMR

Toolkits to Manage Ontario Health eReports: 

For Mac Users:


Toolkits to Manage Ontario Health eReports 

HRM COVID-19 Immunization Toolkit

The HRM COVID-19 Immunization Toolkit from TELUS PSS can be downloaded through the link provided. Download the TELUS HRM COVID-19 Immunization Toolkit .


Toolkits to Manage Ontario Health eReports

For Mac Users:

P&P Clinic Information System (CIS)

Toolkits to Manage Ontario Health eReports: 

Created in collaboration with Frank Ruberto, OMD Peer Leader, and Victoria Bui and Chris LeBouthillier, OMD P&P Community of Practice (CoP) members.

YES Medical Systems (YES EMR)

Toolkits to Manage Ontario Health eReports: 

Resources and Support

OMD has gathered useful resources for clinicians on preparing for a vaccination clinic, training for the COVaxON system, addressing vaccine hesitancy and patient outreach.

For assistance using the toolkits please contact the OMD Support Team:

Phone: 416-623-1248 
Toll Free: 1-866-744-8668