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EMR Certification – Stage 5

Reference Site Assessment

An EMR vendor must successfully demonstrate that the EMR offering is operational in a live clinical environment (Reference Site) in the relevant jurisdiction to the OntarioMD validation representatives. EMR offerings that have successfully completed Stage 4 will undergo validation activities at the reference site identified in the Reference Site Selection form provided by the EMR vendor in Stage 2 of the EMR validation process.

Stage 5 will involve the following:

  1. EMR vendor will ensure that the EMR offering has been configured to support ALL the specifications listed in the relevant jurisdictional current EMR Certification Release for the Foundation, Functional and EMR Connectivity and Tools categories;
  2. OntarioMD representatives will verify that the version of the EMR offering for which the Application for Certification was submitted is in use at the reference site, ensuring it is operating as demonstrated during Stage 3 and 4 validation activities;
  3. OntarioMD representatives will assess the vendor’s EMR offering's performance characteristics through a series of demonstrations and information provided by users;
  4. OntarioMD representatives will verify the change management methodology described by the EMR vendor in the Stage 1 submission documents is being followed at the reference site.

Evaluation Overview

Stage 5 will be evaluated on the following items. Meeting the Mandatory Criteria listed in the table below along with a signed EMR Vendor Certification Agreement by OntarioMD and the EMR vendor will lead to successful completion of the EMR validation process for the EMR offering. At this stage the EMR offering will be awarded with the OntarioMD certified status for the jurisdiction(s) for which the vendor applied.

Requirement Type



The Reference Site MUST use the validated (completed Stage 3 and 4) version of the EMR offering for a minimum of 30 days prior to site visit


The Reference Site MUST be in the jurisdiction in which the EMR certification is being performed and must include at least one clinician


The Reference Site must have ALL the validated functionalities available and operational including integrations (e.g. HRM, OLIS, commercial lab, billing integration, etc.)


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Any questions related to the EMR validation process should be directed via email to the EMR Validation Administrator:


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