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Completing and submitting forms from your OMD-certified EMR is now easier and faster! eForms automates form completion and reduces the administrative burden on clinical practices. Rather than faxing forms to various organizations, you can simply launch eForms from a patient chart in your EMR that pre-populates the eForm with the patient's data. Complete the rest of the eForm and then submit it seamlessly to the Ministry of Transportation for processing.

Which forms are available?

There are currently 30 Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Driver Medical Review (DMR) eForms available (15 English and 15 French):

Medical Condition Report (5108)
Vision Report to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (5109)
Medical Report (RS-LC-080)
Cardiovascular Assessment (SR-LC-004)
Cerebrovascular Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Tumour or Other Neurological Diseases (SR-LC-005)
Cognitive Disorder (SR-LC-006)
Diabetes Assessment (SR-LC-147)
Mental Health Disorder (SR-LC-009)
Seizures and Loss of Consciousness (SR-LC-008)
Sleep Disorders and Narcolepsy (SR-LC-150)
Substance Use Assessment (SR-LC-151)
Other Conditions
FMCSA Medical Report (5080)
Vision Waiver Renewal – Class G (SR-LC-118A)
Vision Waiver Renewal - Class A and D (SR-LC-119A)


OMD is working with Ontario Health to add more forms in the future.

How do I get eForms?

YMS EMR and YES EMR users can access MTO eForms today. Ask your EMR vendor about when you can expect eForms in your EMR. eForms integration with Health Report Manager (HRM®) so you can receive completed forms into patients' charts in your EMR is coming this year . Find out more by contacting us at