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Clinicians must juggle many patient interactions and practice priorities every day in a limited amount of time. Simplifying this work and easing the burden on you is why OMD is focused on connecting your EMR to as many clinically valuable digital tools as possible.

OMD is helping to lead EMR integration with the Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) in partnership with Ontario Health, the Ministry of Health, and vendors with OMD-certified EMRs.

The DHDR is a provincial information source of publicly funded drug and pharmacy services and all monitored drugs (regardless of payor). COVID-19 vaccination information from COVaxON (the ministry's provincial COVID-19 vaccination management system) is also available through the DHDR. DHDR data supports optimal patient care by providing authorized clinicians real-time, secure electronic access to information on:

  • Publicly funded drugs, including those paid for by the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program
  • Monitored drugs (narcotics and controlled substances), including opioids
  • Publicly funded pharmacy services, such as the MedsCheck Program medication reviews and pharmacist-administered influenza vaccines
  • COVID-19 vaccination information documented in COVaxON, the provincial vaccination management system

Download: Information Available to Health Care Providers through the Digital Health Drug Repository from the Government of Ontario's website for more details. NOTE: This file download requires Adobe Reader 10 or later client. Once the download link is clicked, check the 'Downloads' folder of your computer to locate the file.

Also refer to Ontario Health's Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR): Guide for Clinical Use (downloadable PDF) for key information about the DHDR, including:

  • How much historical information is available
  • Clinical limitations of DHDR information
  • Availability of COVID-19 vaccination information from COVaxON

DHDR Availability

In May 2021, a clinician practice using YMS EMR became the first practice to access DHDR through a certified EMR. This important milestone was achieved through the collective efforts of OMD, Ontario Health, the Ministry of Health, and YMS Inc. If you use YMS EMR or YES EMR, you can also connect to DHDR. Contact your vendor or to get started.

If you use another certified EMR, DHDR is becoming available through additional OMD-certified EMRs, and OMD continues to work with the rest of the EMR vendors to give more clinicians access to this important provincial tool for patient care.

EMR Integration with the DHDR is now mandatory for all EMRs

In November 2021, a decision was made to make EMR-Integrated DHDR a mandatory requirement of EMR certification. All vendors with OMD-certified EMRs must meet this requirement by November 2022 to maintain their OMD EMR certification.

Please contact your EMR vendor to find out when you can access drug information in the DHDR, and connect with your OMD Practice Advisor or to express your interest in connecting DHDR to your EMR. An OMD-certified EMR is a prerequisite for participation.

Benefits: Convenience, Efficiency and Enhanced Patient Care

Through your EMR, you can seamlessly view drug data, pharmacy services and COVID-19 vaccination information while reviewing your patient's chart. There is no need to launch a separate application or browser window, log in with different credentials and search for the patient. This integrated access to DHDR from your EMR saves the effort of logging in to additional systems. Seamless access provides more time for diagnosing, treating and communicating with patients. Quickly locating the drug information you need helps you reduce your patients' risk of adverse drug events such as medication errors, drug reactions, allergic reactions, and overdoses, and increases the likelihood of optimal patient outcomes. 

For more information on which other digital health tools you can access with your EMR, please contact us at

For EMR Vendors

OMD has updated the set of mandatory EMR specifications to include the DHDR in the current EMR Certification Release (downloadable file): PCON-2021-01 (updated from version PC-2018-01).

Visit EMR Certification Overview for more information regarding the current version and other EMR Certification Releases.