Proof of Concepts

OntarioMD works with EMR vendors, clinicians and other partner organizations on Proof of Concepts to define and evaluate emerging EMR functional and EHR integration requirements. The outcomes from these Proof of Concepts inform future EMR Specifications to be published by OntarioMD.

OntarioMD recognizes that EMR vendor innovation is an essential component to Proof of Concept development, and values its partnership with the EMR vendor community. All EMR vendors with OntarioMD-certified EMR offerings will be selected to participate in Proof of Concepts through an invitational Request for Service (RFS) process. OntarioMD also values participation of its practicing physician community to provide first-hand insight, experience and guidance in demonstrating the clinical and practice value of its Proof of Concepts. Practicing physician members from the community are selected to participate at various stages throughout the lifecycle of the Proof of Concepts. Their selection varies and can leverage physician representatives from the community (family physicians and specialists), members of the OntarioMD Peer Leader Program, and/or physicians who are clients of the participating EMR vendors.

EMR Physician Dashboard

Busy clinicians need to be able to quickly and easily view and analyze the data in their EMR in order to realize the technology's full potential to improve patient outcomes. OntarioMD is leading the creation of an EMR Physician Dashboard Framework that:
  • provides real-time access to EMR data in a user-friendly visual manner, using widely-recognized primary care indicators from Health Quality Ontario, the Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario;
  • provides the ability to drill down to patient-level data for each indicator, enabling physicians to take immediate proactive steps to improve patient care;
  • helps physicians standardize their data entry to improve the quality of patient data in their EMR;
  • allows physicians to trend and compare their indicator metrics with other physicians using the Dashboard;
  • would scale provincially to all Ontario physicians using an OntarioMD-certified EMR, and is easily expanded as practice needs and clinical indicators evolve.

OntarioMD recently completed a highly successful phase 1 of our EMR Physician Dashboard proof of concept, which involved the participation of TELUS Health, OSCAR EMR and over 100 participating physicians. Here are the recently published phase 1 benefits evaluation findings:


Read more details in our EMR Physician Dashboard Proof of Concept summary document, our Benefits Evaluation and Final Report, and Frequently Asked Questions.

Next Steps and Launch of Phase 2
Phase 2 of the EMR Physician Dashboard Proof of Concept is now running to July 2018, and will expand participation to up to 400 additional physicians across all LHINs in order to further demonstrate the framework’s value. During Phase 2, we will:

  • further identify and refine dashboard indicators; and 
  • define a business plan that supports broader provincial Dashboard planning.

For more information on OntarioMD's EMR Physician Dashboard initiative, email