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Peer Leaders Overview


Peer Leader Program Mission

Solving problems for clinicians using trusted peers who can make real what is abstract, easy what is difficult, and provide digital care advice for those who care for others.

Peer Leader Program

OntarioMD's (OMD) Peer Leader Program is a jewel in the crown of our vast array of valuable services for clinicians. Peer Leaders provide an experienced, human, clinical face to the technological world which accelerates change. The program is a key component of a strategic driver that supports the best quality of practice in community clinics and across the health system. It is a key contributor to OMD's strategy to support the digital future of practice. Managing change is at the core of the services OMD provides to physicians and it is reflected in our innovative Insights4Care (i4C) Program for which Peer Leaders can mentor physicians to derive measurable benefits for patients and practices driven by EMR data.

The Peer Leader Program is a network of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and clinic managers who are expert users of OMD-certified EMRs and other digital health and virtual care tools.

OMD's Peer Leaders are available to help community-based practices realize more clinical value from digital and virtual care. They understand the diversity of needs and challenges faced by busy practices and leverage their expertise and experience through mentorship, education, workshops, and system-level contributions. The program offers complimentary consulting services to practices that can lead to more efficient EMR use and workflow, optimization of digital tools that support efficiency and access to additional functionality, improved clinical decision support, and much more.

As subject matter experts, our Peer Leaders also provide guidance to OMD, vendors, and system leaders on physician practice perspectives and priorities. This guidance informs the development of innovations and ensures that enhancements to current digital health tools and OMD programs will meet the needs of all clinicians. Peer Leaders move the yardstick quickly for digital health initiatives.

Thousands of physician practices have already benefited from the mentoring and guidance offered by OMD Peer Leaders.

Over 60 Physicians, Clinic Managers, and Nurse Peer Leaders

52 GPs/Specialists

10 Clinic Managers

2 Nurses

Designed to Serve 20,000+ Physicians and Their Staff With Enhancing EMR Use

How Peer Leaders Can Help Your Practice

One-on-one or Group Sessionsbenefits_graphic.png

  • Assess, engage, support, and mentor you and your staff as you work towards advancing your use of digital health tools (e.g. OLIS, HRM, i4C Dashboard, eConsult, eVisits, and Virtual Care)
  • Teach you advanced tips and tricks and train you to improve efficiency, patient care, and streamline workflows for:

    • Billings
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Automated Appointment Reminders
    • Online Bookings
    • Integrated Secure Email
    • Creating Searches
    • Using Templates and Stamps
    • Creating Customized Forms
    • EMR Tool Bars
    • Chart Navigation
    • Tracking Referrals 
    • Patient Engagement
    • Quality Improvement and Measurement
    • Population Health Thinkingpl_group sessions.png
  • Support you through the process of assessing your EMR maturity using the EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) tool 
  • Provide thought leadership and promote quality improvement and a view of population health
  • Identify practice needs and link you to other OMD resources for help
  • Assist Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) with physician engagement through support and guidance to OHTs on their digital health plans, and how these plans can best meet the clinical focus of the front-line care providers in their area.

What Else Do Peer Leaders Do?

Educational Resourcespl_educational resources.png

  • Participate in awareness building for the Peer Leader Program
  • Provide content advice and participate in the development of EMR educational sessions
  • Prepare abstracts, present at conferences, present webinars, and facilitate workshops
  • Contribute to CME events held by highlighting effective digital work

Work with OMD Teams and Health System Stakeholders:

  • Participate in provincial working groups, committees, and other meetings
  • Participate in OMD product-specific clinical working groups and provide feedback to various programs
  • Contribute to the development of provincial digital infrastructure (e.g. HRM, EMR integrated eConsult, Digital Health Immunization Repository/Digital Health Drug Repository, i4C Dashboard, etc.)
  • Participate in the development and implementation of Communities of Practice
  • Participate and provide feedback to digital companies developing innovations in health care using a chargeable consulting model

For more information on OMD's Peer Leader Program

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