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Vision, Mission, and Values

OntarioMD's culture is anchored in a clear vision, mission and a set of values essential in delivering next-generation EMR technologies, products and services. Across Ontario, we strive to make a meaningful impact to support physician practices and the patients in their care.

Our Vision

A healthier Canada powered by digital innovation.

Our Mission

We accelerate digital health for clinicians and patients.

Our Values


We are focused on serving and supporting clinical practice and our stakeholders, responding quickly with the best solutions to address every stakeholder's needs.


We are inquisitive and seek to identify and prioritize opportunities that positively transform clinical practice and the patient experience.


We act respectfully, ethically and transparently in all our work with each other, and with our stakeholders, and deliver on our commitments to build trust.


We advance the interests of OntarioMD by contributing to the work of colleagues, and we accelerate the impact of our work by seeking and valuing partnerships.