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Digital Health Tools

Sign up for one or multiple digital health tools

OntarioMD (OMD) supports more than 20,000 clinicians with innovative digital health and quality improvement tools and advice on how to make them work best for you. We can help you get these complimentary tools connected to your electronic medical record (EMR) to align with your workflow so you can incorporate the patient data you need from different points of care and make administration and data management less onerous.

Our knowledgeable staff make it convenient and efficient for you to sign up for multiple digital health tools, depending on the EMR you use, during one visit. Tell us what you need, and we'll take it from there.

We can sign you up and train you to use:

  • Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR) - The DHDR gives you real-time, secure access to publicly funded drugs and pharmacy services, all monitored drugs and COVID-19 vaccination information through your EMR.

  • eConsult – eConsult through your EMR provides timely access to specialist advice and often eliminates the need to send patients for an in-person specialist visit.

  • eForms - eForms automate form completion (e.g., the Ministry of Transportation's Driver Medical Review, aka "fitness to drive" form) and reduces your administrative burden. Instead of faxing forms, you can submit them electronically from your EMR. Completed forms will soon be delivered to your EMR through HRM. Fifteen eForms are currently available in English and French.

  • Health Report Manager (HRM®) – HRM® is an award-winning tool that improves communication among health care providers by securely delivering many report types, such as discharge summaries and COVID-19 vaccination reports, from hospitals and specialty clinics to your EMR. HRM's eNotification feature delivers real-time ADT messages from hospitals.

  • Insights4Care Dashboard and Advisory Service - The i4C Dashboard is a population health management tool based on your real-time EMR data. The i4C Advisory Service shows you how to use the Dashboard effectively and helps all users of certified EMRs with their quality improvement initiatives.

  • ONE® ID - Ontario Health's identity and access management service that gives clinicians a username and password to access secure provincial digital health assets such as eConsult. 

  • Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) - Access lab results for your patients or perform patient queries in OLIS from your EMR.

  • Privacy & Security Training – Two comprehensive, CME-accredited, online learning modules give you and your authorized employees/agents up-to-date privacy security training on best practices and virtual care. Privacy and security training is recommended for the use of all provincial digital/virtual health tools.

We can sign you up for multiple services at your convenience!