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OntarioMD staff are helping clinicians succeed in a changing world

Find out what we can do for you 

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated the demand for digital health solutions. And OntarioMD is here to help. As expert advisors, we can help ensure that you and your staff adapt to changing environment. 


OntarioMD staff is available at your convenience to support your practice needs. 


Where we once were ‘on-the-ground,’ we too have gone virtual, offering support services remotely that are tailored to your practice goals. 


Here are some of the ways we can help: 


  • Supporting your adoption of virtual and digital tools such as a certified EMR, HRM® and OLIS  
  • Turning data into better patient outcomes through our award-winning Insights4Care (i4C) program  
  • Initiating you to new products and services  
  • Advising on privacy and security in a virtual world 
  • Providing a plan if you suspect you have been the target of a cyberattack  
  • Recommending changes that could improve efficiency and workflow 
  • Assisting with the transition from one EMR to another 

We are located all over Ontario and because we have first-hand experience in practice workflows, digital health technology and how to manage change, we are in a unique position to help you make the improvements you are seeking. 

We are in your area and stand ready to help.   

Learn how the OntarioMD Advisors can help your practice.

OntarioMD Advisors — How Can We Help?

For more information or to request our services, email us at 

Southwest (Home and Community Care Support Services 1 - 4) (former LHINs)

Central (Home and Community Care Support Services 5 - 9, 12) (former LHINs)

North & East (Home and Community Care Support Services 10 - 11, 13- 14) (former LHINs)

OntarioMD Practice Enhancement Consultants support you and your practice staff to use your EMR more effectively and efficiently. Their focus is on quality improvement initiatives and while they offer support as the Insights4Care (i4C) Advisory Service to users of OntarioMD's i4C Dashboard and to clinicians who would like to sign up for the i4C Dashboard, they are also available to support any practice to assess EMR data quality and standardization, develop tools, and implement plans to address your goals for quality improvement. Practice Enhancement Consultants can also follow up on quality improvement recommendations from an OntarioMD Peer Leader to help your practice implement workflow changes and help you sustain the changes to realize lasting quality improvements.

Practice Enhancement Consultants (Home and Community Care Support Services 1 - 14)

  • Reza Talebi
    Senior Manager, Practice Improvement and Education Program
    416.275.2332 / 1-866-744-8668 

  • Melissa Bastin 
    Practice Enhancement Lead
    416.303.2307 / 1-866-744-8668 

  • Olivera Bosnic 
    Practice Enhancement Consultant
    416.845.5676 / 1-866-744-8668 

  • Afsoon Khazaee 
    Practice Enhancement Consultant
    289-220-7800 / 1-866-744-8668 

  • Jennifer Littlejohn
    Practice Enhancement Consultant
    647.407.7810 / 1-866-744-8668 

    9-10, 14
  • Katie Peter
    Practice Enhancement Consultant
    613.220.8549 / 1-866-744-8668 

    10-11, 13