EMR Validation Overview

EMR Validation is an integral part of the EMR Certification Program and the successful completion of the validation process is a requirement for EMR offerings to achieve OntarioMD certified status.

EMR vendors interested in obtaining OntarioMD EMR certification for their respective EMR offerings will be required to undergo the EMR validation process.

The EMR validation process is comprised of 5 stages as shown in the figure below.  The vendor and their respective EMR offering will be required to go through the stages in chronological order.  Successful completion of each stage is a pre-requisite to continue to the next stage in the validation process.

Successful completion of ALL 5 stages of the EMR validation process and a signed EMR Vendor Certification Agreement will result in the EMR Offering being certified by OntarioMD. 


EMR Certification Fee

New EMR vendors will be required to pay a one-time total fee of $27,500 for the EMR Validation process. The fee is divided into three milestone payments (at the beginning of the designated Stage):

  • Application Submission - $2,500+HST (Stage 1)
  • Validation, Foundation and Functional Categories- $15,000+HST (Stage 3)
  • Validation, EHR Connectivity and Tools Category – $10,000+HST (Stage 4)