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HRM® is a digital health solution that enables clinicians using an OntarioMD-certified EMR to securely receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and specialty clinics.

HRM electronically delivers Medical Record reports, (e.g. Discharge Summary), and narrative Diagnostic Imaging (excluding image) reports from sending facilities directly into patients' chart, within the clinician's EMR.

Community-based Independent Health Facilities (IHF) and Specialty Clinics that provide diagnostic and assessment services
such as X-Ray, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, etc. can choose to establish a connection to HRM to send patient reports to referring clinicians’ electronic medical records. Learn more


Coming in January: Backdated COVID-19 Reports

Health Report Manager (HRM®) will deliver backdated reports to your EMRs in January. These are reports that were not entered into COVaxON at the time the vaccine was administered. They were entered into the system hours later and not picked up by HRM right away. We'll give you advance notice for when the reports will be delivered to you. Once these reports are delivered, you will have all the reports for your patients and your records will be complete. If you need advice on how to manage reports from HRM, or how to reconcile the data with your EMRs, contact OMD at

How to Handle PDF Reports from Hospitals

OMD has created handy Quick References for Accuro® EMR, OSCAR and TELUS PS Suite users on how to handle PDF reports. More hospitals are switching from sending text-based to PDF reports in HRM. To quickly find the information you need from the reports, the Quick References show you how to make the reports searchable in your EMR. Go to the Quick References.

HRM Report Delivery from Central East Hospitals

On December 3, the Central East hospitals (Campbellford, Haliburton Highlands, Lakeridge Health, Northumberland Hills, Peterborough Regional, Ross Memorial and Scarborough Health Network) began their migration to Epic. Report delivery via HRM resumed on December 6. You will see a larger volume of PDF reports from these hospitals after the migration. Contact the hospitals if you wish to stop paper (you can still receive faxed lab reports). Read the FAQ on how to do this and more.

TELUS Vaccination Toolbar

Many TELUS PS Suite users use the TELUS vaccination toolbar to help their clinics manage the historical reports that were distributed through HRM. You may have noticed that the toolbar stopped working for a while earlier this month. OMD quickly acted to find a solution with TELUS and we're happy to report the toolbar is working again. If you don't have the toolbar and are a TELUS PS Suite user, you can download it from TELUS. If you need help to use the toolbar, contact

Delivery of Historical COVID-19 Vaccination Reports Is Done! 

Health Report Manager (HRM®) finished delivering historical COVID-19 vaccination reports to your EMRs on November 7! 10,000+ clinicians received more than 9M reports over 44 nights. OMD understands that these extra reports, on top of the real-time reports you receive from HRM, meant a lot more work for you. If you need advice on how to manage all the reports, or how to reconcile the data with your EMRs, contact OMD at

HRM Report Delivery Resumes from Care4 Hospitals

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Georgian Bay General Hospital, Headwaters Health Care Centre, and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (Care4 Hospitals) suspended HRM report delivery during their MEDITECH Expanse implementation on September 18, 2021. They have now resumed report delivery via HRM® on October 12, 2021. All reports delivered via fax from September 18 to October 12 are being sent again through HRM. Read the FAQ.

COVID-19 Vaccination Data Updates

Find out how to get COVID-19 vaccination data for your patients. Depending on your practice model, you can access some data through Health Report Manager (HRM®) reports and Ontario Health’s eReports. Historical reports (before May 18, 2021) for your patients will be available from HRM by the end of September. HRM users will be notified when HRM begins to deliver reports. Watch this space for webinars that will show you how to manage the extra reports. OMD is always available to help you with HRM reports. Contact us at

HRM Report Delivery Suspension from Care4 Hospitals

Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, Georgian Bay General Hospital, Headwaters Health Care Centre, and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre have partnered to implement MEDITECH Expanse as their new hospital information system on September 18, 2021. The four hospitals will suspend report delivery via Health Report Manager (HRM®) to perform clinical validation testing with Ontario Health. Read the FAQ.

HRM Delivering More COVID-19 Vaccination Reports

HRM started delivering COVID-19 vaccination reports to primary care in May 2021 for patients who consented to provide their information to the provincial COVaxON vaccination management system and identified their primary care clinician at the time of vaccination. HRM has been making enhancements to deliver more reports from COVaxON so you know which patients have been vaccinated. As of July 22, HRM began delivering reports enhanced with data from the Ministry of Health’s CAPE (Client Agency Program Enrolment) database that matches patients to providers. These reports are delivered to primary care clinicians who work in Patient Enrollment Models (PEMs) (i.e., FHGs, FHNs, FHOs, FHTs and CCMs).

The next enhancement for HRM is the delivery of historical COVID-19 vaccination reports (estimated to be mid-September for PEM physicians). For non-PEM primary care clinicians, if you’ve been identified when your patients received their vaccinations, you will also get reports. For the latest news on how to get more vaccination data for your patients, please visit the Accessing Vaccine Data page.

Other Ways to Get COVID-19 Vaccination Data Online

If you can’t wait for HRM to deliver more reports to your EMR, there’s another way for primary care clinicians who practice in a PEM to get more COVID-19 vaccination data and reconcile this data with the data in your EMR. You can download your COVaxON Aggregate Primary Care Vaccination Report from the Ontario Health portal. You will need a ONE® ID to access the portal. Sign up for a ONE ID on the CPSO website if you don’t already have one. If you’re not sure if you do, contact OMD at and we can check.

HRM® Now Delivering SickKids Hospital DI Reports to Your EMR

You may have noticed that diagnostic imaging (DI) reports in plain text (not PDF) are now coming into your EMR from SickKids through HRM. SickKids is changing some reports from DI reports to MR (medical record) reports. Their updated Report Types list is available on the HRM Sending Facilities page. This change of report type will affect the auto-categorization of reports in your EMR. If you have any questions or need help with HRM auto-categorization, please email  

Are You Moving? HRM Needs to Know Where You Are!

Just like the post office, HRM needs to know where to deliver your reports. Planning an office move? Switching to another Internet provider? Making a change to your Internet plan? Choosing a new EMR provider? These scenarios could potentially mean a change to your IT delivery location. A change in location will disrupt your HRM feed and you will stop receiving reports from hospitals and specialty clinics. HRM only delivers to locations it trusts, so if any of these scenarios apply to you don’t forget to notify OMD at and allow for a minimum of 7 business days from the time we receive your complete request with a valid IP address to ensure you don’t experience any disruption to HRM report delivery.

Changes to Hospital Information Systems – Impact on HRM 

Many Ontario hospitals are upgrading their Hospital Information Systems (HIS). This may result in the suspension of the HRM feed if there are issues with the transition from the old HIS to the new one. If this happens, the hospital will contact you to let you know about this temporary disruption of report delivery from the hospital through HRM to your EMR and when report delivery is expected to resume. If you have questions about report delivery via HRM at any time, please contact and we will investigate. 

HRM Notifications of COVID-19 Test Results in OLIS

You told us HRM was sending too many notifications about negative COVID-19 test results and we listened! OntarioMD convened the HRM User Group that includes several physicians to discuss the volume of notifications landing in your EMR inboxes to tell you that COVID-19 test results were available in OLIS. You told us that you prefer to receive notifications of positive results ONLY. We talked to Ontario Health about it and they're working on implementing the change. This is the kind of feedback on HRM we need to hear so please keep it coming to!

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Supporting OHTs for their digital data sharing needs

OntarioMD understands that patients must be at the centre of their care. HRM offers Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) an opportunity to support patient access to, and use of, their health information. With more information available any time, from anywhere, patients are more engaged and informed to advocate for their health and manage it appropriately. We are working with clinicians and Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) to understand their data sharing needs to support patients with access to their own health information. 

HRM and eNotifications by the Numbers 


Who can get HRM?

Community-based physicians and nurse practitioners who use an OntarioMD-certified EMR can connect to receive reports through HRM.

Please refer to the HRM Sending Facilities page to see which hospitals and specialty clinics in your area are delivering reports through HRM. The complete list of reports being sent from each facility is listed under "Report Types Lists".

When can I get HRM?

HRM is available to clinicians whose EMRs are certified by OntarioMD. If you are using an EMR that complies with the latest EMR Specification, you are ready for HRM. Please contact OntarioMD at to schedule a meeting to sign the required Subscription and User Agreements and start the connection process.

New hospitals and specialty clinics begin delivering reports through HRM on a regular basis. Even if your sending facility is not using HRM yet, it is a good idea to get your practice ready to start receiving reports through HRM as soon as your local hospital and specialty clinics go live.

What do I have to do to get HRM?

  1. If you use an OntarioMD-certified EMR that complies with the latest specification, contact OntarioMD at
  2. Your OntarioMD Practice Advisor will schedule a meeting with you at which time you will review the HRM Welcome Package.
  3. Review the Welcome Package for HRM with the OntarioMD Practice Advisor; you may also wish to have your EMR vendor attend the meeting.
  4. Sign the Subscription Agreement and a User Agreement for each clinician who will be using HRM.
  5. OntarioMD will then work with you and your vendor to connect to HRM.

For more information, contact OntarioMD at: