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EMR Certification – Stage 2

Application Assessment

EMR offerings that have successfully passed Stage 1 will undergo an assessment of their Application for EMR Certification.

The Application Assessment will involve the following:

  1. OntarioMD will assess an EMR vendor’s readiness based on the submitted artifacts and information in the Application for EMR Certification.
  2. An EMR vendor that is deemed ready will be provided with the relevant materials in preparation for Stage 3 and 4 validation activities.
  3. OntarioMD will provide the EMR vendor with a copy of the EMR Vendor Certification Agreement which contains obligations that the EMR vendor will need to uphold to attain and maintain OMD certified status for their EMR offering.
  4. A collaborative discussion will take place between the EMR vendor, OntarioMD, and a jurisdictional representative to review the current digital health market and EMR vendor’s business strategy.

Evaluation Criteria

Based on the collective decision by OntarioMD, jurisdictional representative, and the EMR vendor, the EMR vendor will proceed to the next stage of the EMR validation process. 

  • OntarioMD will provide approval to move forward based on the submitted artifacts and a finalized and agreed validation schedule for stages 3 and 4.
  • EMR vendor, based on the outcome of the collaborative discussion, may decide whether to proceed forward to the next stage or withdraw from the EMR validation process.


Contact Us

Any questions related to the EMR validation process should be directed via email to the EMR Validation Administrator:


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