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OMD Luminary Awards – Frequently Asked Questions

Nominations for the 2024 Luminary Awards open on June 24, 2024 and close August 26, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. 

What are the OMD Luminary Awards?

The OMD Luminary Awards honour community-based Ontario clinicians and their staff who have shown leadership in implementing certified electronic medical records (EMRs), and other digital and virtual health tools in their practices to benefit patients and ease administrative burden in their practices.

Who is OMD?

OMD (OntarioMD) provides value to Ontario's physicians, clinicians and the health system by helping with, and facilitating, the implementation and use of digital health products and services. We have connected over 30,000 Ontario clinicians and their staff to products and services that integrate patient data to enhance health care. We support and educate clinician practices on the latest digital health and virtual care developments and how to use new tools effectively. We also partner with private sector organizations and governments across Canada to accelerate digital health and virtual care for Canadians.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, OMD is funded by the Province of Ontario.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Nominations for OMD Luminary Awards are open to community-based Ontario clinicians (primary care providers and specialists) and their staff who use an OMD-certified EMR. Certified EMRs are the only EMRs in Ontario that can connect clinicians in the community to provincial digital health systems. Physicians/clinicians and non-clinicians who practice full-time in hospitals who do not use a certified EMR are not eligible. Individuals or entire practices (teams) who use certified EMRs are eligible for nomination.

Luminary Award winners are welcome to submit new nominations in any category in the same year, however, re-submitting winning nominations for the same category in any subsequent year is not permitted.

Please review the guidelines for more details.

What are the winning criteria?

We are looking for success stories of individuals or teams that have advanced digital health among community-based practices within the past two years (July 2022 to July 2024). This includes how nominees use digital health tools in their practice or help others in doing so. Success stories will be verified by OMD staff who support community-based Ontario practices. Individuals or teams must be nominated under one of the five categories. 

Please review the guidelines for more details.

How do I submit a nomination?

All nominations must be submitted using the online Nomination Form and completed in full. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

How are winners selected?

Nominations will be assessed and awarded by OMD's Luminary Awards Judging Committee which, in its sole and absolute discretion, will determine winners who have demonstrated leadership in implementing and using EMRs and digital/virtual health tools to benefit patients and ease administrative burden. All decisions are final.

Must nominees use OMD-certified EMRs?

Yes, nominees must use OMD-certified EMRs. As the only EMRs in Ontario connected to provincial digital health systems, OMD-certified EMRs meet a minimum set of participation requirements as a point of service to access provincial systems such as Health Report Manager (HRM©), Insights4Care (i4C) Dashboard, Digital Health Drug Repository (DHDR), eConsult, Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS), and more. They include data and messaging standards, identity management, privacy and security features, and functionalities to leverage national indicators for primary care and support practice workflows around the Cumulative Patient Profile. These features have made certified EMRs the preferred digital health tool for over 20,000 community-based Ontario physicians/clinicians.

Where can I get additional information about the Luminary Awards?

For further questions about the OMD Luminary Awards, please review the guidelines or contact