Health Card Validation has arrived at the Physician Portal

Thousands of OHIP claims are rejected each year due to invalid patient information, costing physician practices untold dollars in lost admin time and revenue. Health card validation services assist with confirming patient eligibility for OHIP coverage. Until now, free real time health card validation was not available via the Internet.

OntarioMD in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) is pleased to announce a new real time, Web enabled Health Card Validation Basic (HCV Basic) available to all registrants on the Physician Portal.

HCV Basic service is being rolled out to portal registrants in a phased manner starting in September.

HCV Basic improves your claim submissions

The HCV Basic service can help you and your staff save time and money by:

  • reducing claim rejects due to invalid health card numbers and version codes;
  • reducing administrative costs in contacting clients to correct invalid health card information and resubmitting claims; and
  • identifying uninsured clients which require other arrangements for billing.

HCV Basic checks the Ministry's database within seconds

HCV Basic is a validation service1 available through the OntarioMD Physician Portal that checks the health card number and version code returning a valid/not valid response. Essentially, the service provides physician practices with up-to-date health card eligibility from the Ministry within seconds.

Once you've registered with the HCV Basic service on the portal, it can be used with any computer connected to the Internet. Health card numbers and version codes can be entered by keyboard or the client's health card can be swiped if you have a card reader.

HCV Basic is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with the exception of scheduled service down times.

HCV Basic is available at

In September, the HCV Basic service will be rolled out to an increasing number of existing portal registrants.

Portal registrants will notice the Health Card Validation icon on the left hand side of their browser upon logging in, they will also receive an email communication announcing their access.

Portal registrants can also provide access to their office staff for the use of this service. Please follow the link (About Us > Help) for simple instructions on how to create sponsored accounts and provide access to your staff.

HCV Basic Support

As always, support and assistance will be in place during regular business hours (9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday). If you have any problems with accessing the service, please feel free to contact us at 1.866.744.8668 or 416.623.6230 (select option 6) or email us at

Foot Note
1. The difference between HCV Basic and full HCV is that personal information and personal health information available, such as name and date of birth, are not available with HCV Basic.