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Delivering COVaxON vaccination reports to physicians

Physicians need to know which of their patients have been vaccinated (or not). OntarioMD (OMD) is working with the Ministry of Health and Ontario Health to provide this information to you in different ways:

  1. Effective May 18, physicians who have OMD's Health Report Manager (HRM®) are now receiving COVID-19 vaccination reports in their EMRs. These reports will continue to be received daily as patients are immunized. These reports are currently for clinicians who use HRM and where the primary care provider (PCP) field was populated in the COVaxON system at the time of vaccination.

  2. If your patients were vaccinated outside your clinic, and were not asked for their physician's name, or were vaccinated before May 18, work is underway to create a list of your patients who have been vaccinated by combining COVaxON data with provincial patient enrollment (PEM) data. The work includes looking at how this data can then be distributed to you through HRM and also provided in list form to physicians who do not have HRM.

  3. If you do not have HRM, or do not wish to use a patient list, then you can access the information via one of the provincial Clinical Viewers. This option will be available soon.

  4. Pilots are currently underway with a few EMR vendors to receive COVaxON data into their EMRs via the Digital Health Drug Repository, but this will take time to test and deploy to the field. For other EMR vendors to take advantage of this feature, they will need to dedicate time and include this work in their product roadmap.  

if you have questions about your patients' COVaxON data, or about HRM, please contact at any time.