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Planning a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Identifying eligible patients

OntarioMD (OMD) has gathered many useful resources to help clinicians prepare for a vaccination clinic. Some resources that you may find particularly helpful to plan your clinic:

Things to consider when planning to contact patients:

  • Track patients who have been called
  • Track patients who have declined/refused
  • Record consent given and how to flag patients who have not given consent
  • Resources for patients to educate themselves on what to expect at the vaccination clinic

Tools (Queries/Searches) and Recommendations for EMR Data Extraction

ABELMed EMR Tools    OSCAR Tools    


Tips for Adjusting Data from Your CSV Export

  • You MUST Use Female or Male for Gender.  Tip to change Gender if you only have F and M in the Excel spreadsheet follow these instructions:

    1. Select (highlight) ONLY the column that contains the Gender. Make sure you select the full column.
    2. Open the Find and Replace function (location depends on application i.e. Excel version, OpenOffice)
    3. If using "Replace All", be sure no other data outside of the Gender column have been highlighted or selected.

  • The DOB MUST be in YYYY-MM-DD format.  To change DOB in the Excel spreadsheet, follow these instructions:

    1. Select cells within the "Person Birthdate" column that you would like to change.
    2. Right click and open the "Format Cells" function
    3. From the left-hand side, select the "Date" category.
    4. From the Type list, choose the format "YYYY-MM-DD".  Select OK. Note: If you cannot find the "YYYY-MM-DD" format, you can use the "Custom" category to create your "YYYY-MM-DD" format.

  • HCN MUST NOT have Version Codes attached.  If Health Card numbers have the VC in the same cell, (see example above) follow these instructions to remove:

    1. Insert a new column to the right of the column that contains the Health Card Number
    2. Enter the following formula in the first cell of the new column. (change A1 to the correct cell # in your spreadsheet that contains the first HCN)
      • =LEFT(A1,10)
    3. Copy and paste that formula into the subsequent cells.

For queries developed by the eHealth Centre of Excellence to pull lists of patients with certain health conditions that fall under the Highest Risk, High Risk, and At Risk categories, click here.

COVaxON Training for Primary Care Practices

OMD is offering training for primary care practices to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. Training sessions demonstrate how to access and use the provincial COVaxON Vaccination Management System.

Upcoming training sessions