New Ontario Virtual Care Clinic slowly ramping up

April 03, 2020

The new Ontario Virtual Care Clinic launched today at 8:00 am and on launch day it received a low referral volume from Telehealth Ontario. The Ontario Virtual Care Clinic is a 24/7 solution that has been advanced by OTN and Novari as a new service to Telehealth Ontario; patients will need to be efficiently directed for physician primary care services.     


Through the OMA, Ontario's physicians have really stepped forward to create capacity in the system to deliver primary care to patients who need access and OntarioMD will be working hard to ensure that we can enable and support this. OntarioMD will actively be communicating with the physicians who have been scheduled to cover clinics and we thank you for your support as we work through the details over the next 72 hours and readjust schedules in the near term. OntarioMD will scale back the physician shifts over the next 72 hours as we work to match the physician supply to the patient demand referred to the OTN / Novari Solution.