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Digital Health for OHTs

OntarioMD Digital Health Resources for Ontario Health Teams

OntarioMD is available to support Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) with their digital health needs. Several of our digital health services have been identified as enabling solutions in Ontario's Digital Health Playbook.

OntarioMD has developed a change management and adoption framework and is collaborating with its digital partners to coordinate change management and adoption activities on behalf of the Ministry of Health. Our primary care population health engagement toolkit with Sinai Health's Health Commons Solutions Lab and the Centre for Effective Practice also supports primary care providers. We can provide you with practical advice from experienced clinician Peer Leaders and experienced staff on the digital health services that are right for you and bundle enrollment into these services for your convenience.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs)

Ontario's Digital Health Playbook references electronic medical records (EMRs). OHTs are asked to ensure that providers have access to relevant information available in provincial repositories either through use of OntarioMD-certified EMRs, provincial clinical viewers or hospital information systems. OntarioMD has helped more than 18,000 clinicians adopt and use certified EMRs and connect to provincial digital health systems. Our experienced staff are available to support you and your staff if you are joining an OHT.

To learn more about our EMR resources, contact

 Health Report Manager

Health Report Manager (HRM) is an award-winning digital health tool integrated with primary care electronic medical records (EMR). HRM improves communication among health care providers by enabling your practice to receive patient reports, such as discharge summaries, electronically from hospitals and other health care facilities directly into your EMR. Using HRM makes report delivery more secure, eliminates paper reports, saves time and avoids cost for hospitals, specialty clinics and your practice. The Ontario Ministry of Health has identified HRM as an enabling digital health tool for primary care providers in OHTs to receive medical reports and eNotifications in its Digital Health Playbook.

To sign up for HRM or to find out more, contact



OntarioMD's Insights4Care (i4C) Program provides your practice with tools and services to gain better insights about your patients and to make improvements to care. The i4C Dashboard (formerly the EMR Quality Dashboard) is an award-winning EMR-integrated population health management tool based on your real-time EMR data. You can see, at a glance, a set of indicators that show you what's happening with your patients and lets you drill down to individual patients to take preventive care action or proactively manage a chronic disease. The i4C Dashboard also highlights the quality of your EMR data.

Advice and help from the i4C Advisory Service is available to analyze your EMR data and guide you to improve its quality for better patient outcomes and practice efficiency. The i4C Dashboard is currently available to OSCAR, TELUS PS Suite and Med Access users and will expand to other OntarioMD-certified EMRs. The i4C Advisory Service is available to all users of certified EMRs. Ontario's Digital Health Playbook includes the i4C Dashboard as a digital health solution for OHTs.

To sign up for the i4C Dashboard or for more information, email

Privacy and Security Training and Resources

OntarioMD is committed to training OHTs, clinicians and their staff on relevant topics to facilitate their use of technology in an increasingly digital environment. We provide complimentary privacy and security training, and tools and resources to educate you about your role and responsibilities as Health Information Custodians under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and other laws. Our tools and resources are regularly updated to address emerging technology or new cyberthreats. OntarioMD obtained input from the Ontario Medical Association, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the Canadian Medical Protective Association and eHealth Ontario to develop the Privacy and Security Training Module on available 24/7 from any Internet-connected device. The training is cited in the Digital Health Access, Privacy and Security Policy Direction in the Digital Health Playbook for OHTs who may wish to leverage our Privacy and Security Training and resources to support their understanding and compliance with privacy and security requirements.

For more information or assistance with the training, contact

Peer Leaders

OntarioMD's Peer Leaders are a network of physicians, nurses and clinic managers across the province who are expert users of OntarioMD-certified EMRs and have mentored practices to realize more clinical value from their EMRs. Peer Leaders provide consulting services that lead to more efficient EMR use and workflow, optimization of EMR functions, and additional functionality in integrated digital health tools to improve clinical decision support. They are available to support clinicians as they join OHTs.

Contact to request a Peer Leader.

OntarioMD Support

Contact to:

  • Sign up for one of our services mentioned in the Digital Health Playbook,
  • Get help with one our services (HRM, eNotifications, i4C Dashboard, Privacy & Security Training Module, or a partnered service such as ConnectingOntario ClinicalViewer, ONE® ID, ONE Mail, eConsult, OLIS), or
  • Learn how to improve your EMR use by taking the EMR Progress Assessment.

The Ontario Ministry of Health is the one window of support for Ontario Health Teams at all stages of the application process:

  • All questions related to the process, including questions regarding the application, should be directed to the ministry at
  • Digital health questions, including questions related to OHT digital supports, can be directed to the Digital Health Division directly at