Realize more clinical value from your EMR with EPEP

What if you could realize even more value for your patients and your practice by tapping into more of the benefits of your EMR? You may not know where to start and you may not think you have the time to learn how to use your EMR better, but help is available from OntarioMD. 

EPEP contact infoOntarioMD's EMR Practice Enhancement Program (EPEP) offers EMR experts who will work with you and your staff to achieve your goals, at a time that's convenient for you. Your OntarioMD advisor will analyze your EMR workflow and data quality, and identify quick wins that achieve tangible results or save your valuable time. The advisor's hands-on support will help you move beyond data capture and basic use to become a more skilled EMR user to enhance patient care and improve practice efficiency. 

EPEP enables smarter practice and better care

Like any technology, an EMR is just a tool with tremendous potential. Tapping into that potential requires users who want to learn, and experts willing to share their knowledge and support.

EPEP connects physician practices with advisors who are expert EMR users to offer clinical value through:

  • Better understanding of existing EMR functionality and identification of useful tools
  • Use of EMR patient reminders, reports and other functions that match your practice priorities for targeted patient care – including improved screening and preventive care measures
  • Implementation of data quality best practices to streamline access to relevant patient information at the point of care
  • Greater practice efficiency through enhanced EMR use and improved practice workflows

Visit our testimonials page to find out what physicians are saying about the value that EPEP has brought to their practice.


How EPEP works

Since its launch in 2016, EPEP has helped over 500 physicians and their staff to get more benefits from their EMRs, solve problems and address their needs. To start, we encourage you to use our EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) online survey tool, which helps us understand your current EMR skill level and the improvements that matter most to you.

From there, an OntarioMD advisor from EPEP will work with your practice using a proven methodology that involves:

  • Workflow analysis: Observing your practice workflow, we work with you to discover what's working well, what needs attention, and match your unique situations with proven solutions.
  • EMR data quality analysis: High quality EMR data is the foundation for getting the best patient outcomes using your EMR. We identify any gaps in your EMR data and present opportunities to fill these gaps to increase your EMR's value.
  • A customized action plan: We use the knowledge gained during our analysis and consider your clinical priorities to suggest tasks that are achievable at your own pace. The advisor provides coaching designed to help you and/or your staff to improve practice outcomes.
  • Evaluation: Our focus on helping you realize your clinical priorities for your EMR doesn't end when we present recommendations. We'll work with you to measure your practice's progress at multiple intervals to make sure you're happy with the results you are achieving.

EPEP success stories

Dr. Alireza Oliaei: This family physician wanted to better understand how to use his EMR for preventive care. Read the profile and watch the video to find out how EPEP helped Dr. Oliaei meet his goals.

International Medical Services: This busy Family Health Group wanted to ensure a standardized approach to EMR data entry, define a process for managing prevention and screening activities, and ultimately provide even better patient care. Read the profile and watch the video to discover how EPEP helped.

What's new

  • EPEP Featured in JMIR Human Factors: OntarioMD's EPEP and research teams have authored a paper that demonstrates the important impact that hands-on support such as that offered by EPEP has on EMR optimization, patient data quality and population health outcomes. Read the article.
  • EMR Optimization for Cancer Screening Guides: The EPEP team has worked with Dr. Meghan Davis of Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Regional Cancer Program and the Hamilton FHT to develop best practice guides for cancer screening using your EMR. Read the Accuro and OSCAR EMR guides that the team collaborated on.
  • Antibiotics Awareness e-Forms: The EPEP team worked with Choosing Wisely Canada to develop electronic versions of a viral prescription pad and delayed prescription tools as part of their Using Antibiotics Wisely campaign. Thanks to EPEP's involvement, clinicians can integrate these tools into their EMRs to help improve patients' understanding of safe antibiotics prescribing and use. Feedback on this collaboration has been very positive and our organizations will continue to seek ways to work together for better health outcomes. Read more about the initiative.
  • EMR Optimization Packages: In response to physician requests for better tools focused on preventive care and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, the EPEP team is creating packages of tools designed to leverage the power of your EMR for effective patient care. Our EMR optimization packages are available for TELUS (PS Suite), OSCAR, Indivicare and Accuro® EMRs, and include searches and reminders to help you identify patients requiring follow up, and tools that integrate with features in your EMR to improve your efficiency during patient visits. Talk to your EPEP advisor to find out how to implement and use these tools.
  • Support for OntarioMD's EMR Dashboard: The EPEP team is providing valuable support to physicians participating in phase 2 of OntarioMD's EMR Quality Dashboard initiative. Read more about the impact of the EMR Quality Dashboard initiative and EPEP's proven change management process on EMR data quality and patient outcomes.

Get started with EPEP!

Contact us at or 1-866-744-8668. We'll arrange for an OntarioMD advisor to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your practice priorities and EMR optimization goals.