About the Peer Leader Program

The Peer Leader Program is a complimentary service that allows Clinicians access to online resources and a network of Peer Leaders who are advanced clinical and management users, experienced in fully functional EMRs.

Peer Leaders mentor their colleagues by acting as EMR Subject Matter Experts, drawing on their own expertise and experiences of other groups they have worked with in the planning and adoption of an EMR, as well as the best practices created by using an EMR, to improve practice efficiency and quality of patient care. Peer Leaders play a critical role within the OntarioMD Change Management Team, and can be accessed for questions through every part of the EMR Adoption life-cycle, from awareness to implementation, to post adoption and the fully mature use of an EMR.

The Peer Leader program is currently evaluating applications for the new Peer Leader role. Our website will soon be updated with the new Peer Leader roster.

If you have an urgent request, please contact the administrator atpeer.leader.program@ontariomd.com.

The Background

In August 2007, OntarioMD entered into a project agreement with Canada Health Infoway to develop and manage the OntarioMD Peer Leader Program. This Peer Leader Program began with physicians as Peer Leaders and was seen as a complimentary support service available to all Ontario clinicians. As the provincial adoption of EMRs grew, a decision was made to expand the program to also include Clinic Manager Peer Leaders, making the Peer Leaders the true ambassadors of the Program. In 2012, OntarioMD and the RNAO entered into a program agreement to expand the program to include Nurse Peer Leaders. The Peer Leader Program consisted of approximately 30 physician Peer Leaders, 12 Clinic Manager Peer Leaders and 6 Nurse Peer Leaders, making it, by far, the largest Peer Leader program in Canada.

Effective Jan 1st, 2015, the program is being supported by OntarioMD and is being offered to the clinicians in Ontario as a complimentary service.