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Insights4Care Overview

Insights4Care Turns Data into Better Patient Outcomes

More than 21,000 Ontario clinicians and their staff are using electronic medical records to deliver care to nearly 12 million Ontario patients. Clinicians know that data improves patient outcomes, but can lack capacity to unlock the quality data at their fingertips.

For busy clinicians, OntarioMD's (OMD) award-winning Insights4Care (i4C) Program saves time and resources in managing a busy practice by offering clinicians tools and direct support they can tap into to make practice improvements and unlock the value of their EMR data for better patient outcomes.

OMD's i4C Program offers:

  • i4C Dashboard: An EMR-integrated, user-friendly and actionable population health management tool.
  • i4C Advisory Service: Hands-on clinician advisory support from OMD's team of quality improvement and EMR experts.

The i4C Program is available to all users of certified EMRs, and is transforming health care delivery through digital health technology that is driving patient-centred care.

A Snapshot: Features of i4C Products and Services

i4C Dashboard  

Unlock your EMR data to improve outcomes for patients. 

OMD's user-friendly i4C Dashboard makes it easy to unlock patient data in your EMR.

Gain better insights about your patients using your real-time EMR data to generate reports on individual and population health using 30 indicators, which include chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Understanding your EMR data helps you to be proactive with your patients and leverage the data for better patient outcomes. The data can help you make improvements to the way you manage preventive care and chronic diseases.

With just a few clicks, the i4C Dashboard can:

  • Display relevant EMR data in a quick, easy-to-scan graphic, allowing you to take action
  • Scan for key indicators—such as diabetes, obesity, immunizations, prescribed opioid use, and smoking status—across your patient population and for individual patients
  • Identify trends and compare population health within one clinic with other clinics that are also using the Dashboard

"I have found the OntarioMD i4C Dashboard to be a very helpful resource. With a few clicks, the Dashboard enables chart audits on my entire practice for many quality indicators."

— Dr. Meghan Davis, MD, FCFP

i4C Advisory Service  

Take your EMR to new heights through OMD's i4C Advisory Service.

With EMRs and integrated digital tools, you can enhance patient care and workflow by accessing and making the most of the quality data at your fingertips.

The i4C Advisory Service provides coaching as well as onsite or virtual practice support to ensure you are getting the most out of your EMR.

Our team of expert users have first-hand experience in practice workflows, digital health technology and change management.

Our coaches can help you:

  • Use EMRs to generate reports and patient reminders for targeted patient care
  • Enhance patient workflows using your EMR
  • Strengthen data quality through your EMR to improve patient care
  • Dive deeper into your EMR data using the i4C Dashboard
  • Explore other effective integrated digital tools

"I found the i4C Advisory Service very helpful and valuable to us. From the beginning, we were coached on how to implement the process and were provided one-on-one support throughout."

— Dr. Alireza Oliaei, MD, CCFP

i4C Indicators

i4C Indicators included in the i4C Dashboard are based on provincial health indicators published through primary health care frameworks.

87% of i4C Dashboard indicators recorded improvements only after 90 days of use.

Access i4C right away!

The i4C Dashboard is currently available to TELUS PS, YMS EMR, Accuro® EMR and Aware EMR users, with more OMD-certified EMR vendors offering it in future.

EMR vendors can view the i4C specification here.

For more information, or to get started with the i4C Dashboard or i4C Advisory Service, contact us at