i4C Dashboard: Actionable Data Insights at Your Fingertips

EMR-connected clinicians are amassing a wealth of important data. They need the ability to easily view and interpret that data in real-time for better population health management, and to drill down to patient-level data to act on it at the point of care. OntarioMD's i4C Dashboard offers an EMR-integrated practice solution that meets these needs.

OntarioMD has developed an EMR-integrated, actionable population health management tool that:

  • gives clinicians real-time visual representation of their EMR data using widely recognized primary care indicators each representing different preventive care and chronic disease management focus points (diabetes test results, smoking status, etc.);
  • enables clinicians to drill down to patient-level data for each indicator and take immediate proactive steps to improve patient care;
  • helps clinicians standardize their data entry to improve the quality of patient data in their EMR;
  • allows clinicians to trend and compare their indicator metrics with other i4C Dashboard-connected clinicians;
  • is provincially scalable to all Ontario clinicians using an OntarioMD-certified EMR, and easily expanded to include new and evolving data quality, practice and clinical indicators; and
  • is complimentary for all eligible clinicians.

Benefits of i4C Dashboard

OntarioMD completed a Proof of Concept for its i4C Dashboard in 2019. Nearly 500 clinicians used the Dashboard in their practice, and the results clearly demonstrate the clinical importance of this tool in primary care practices and the value of OntarioMD-led support.


We asked current i4C Dashboard users what they appreciated most about the i4C Dashboard. Here are the most-cited benefits:

  • Helped me identify patients requiring follow-up
  • Gave me the ability to drill down on an indicator to access actionable patient lists
  • Prompted our practice to make improvements to our data quality

Visit the Insights4Care testimonials page to find out how the i4C Dashboard and i4C Advisory Service are helping to drive quality improvement and better patient outcomes in their practice.