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Exhibitor & Sponsorship Information

The London EMR: Every Step Conference on June 4 has been canceled. Please click here for more details.

Sponsorship, Advertising, and Exhibitor Opportunities

OntarioMD has created the EMR: Every Step Conference (ESC) and Vendor Showcase to allow clinicians to learn more about EMRs and Digital Health Tools and how they can improve practice efficiency and patient communication and outcomes.

The conference attracts over 600 attendees with strategically timed breaks to draw traffic to the exhibitor areas.

The ESC provides an excellent opportunity for clinicians and their staff to come together in a forum designed for:

  • Networking
  • Learn new information
  • Meet with vendors that support OntarioMD certified EMRS and digital health

Sponsorship, advertising, and other inquiries can be directed to revin.samuel@ontariomd.com.

OntarioMD Booth

"The EMR: Every Step conference has been one of our best shows for the past couple of years - it's definitely at the top of our "can't miss" list. It's always very well organized with a large audience of highly engaged attendees and really good booth traffic. We were thrilled to see you added a second show this year!"

- Cognisant