OntarioMD's Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Considerable strategic dialogue is occurring at the provincial and national levels on how to build on the success that Ontario and other jurisdictions have had in implementing EMRs across physician practices, and how best to evolve in the maturity of use of these EMRs to deliver the greatest value to patients, physicians and health system stakeholders.

With the tremendous progress that Ontario has made in the adoption and implementation of EMRs, OntarioMD is building on its considerable strengths and contributions to date to take on new digital health challenges and add additional value to health system stakeholders in Ontario and beyond. Through its extensive partnerships, deep relationships and reputation as a trusted delivery partner with Physician Leaders and physician practices, OntarioMD has become a valuable partner of choice for health system leaders as they seek to advance their strategic objectives and meaningfully engage with physicians.

As the health system and primary care sector continue to undergo reform and transformation, OntarioMD will build on the effective channels, relationships and platforms we have long invested in, in order to improve the health and health outcomes for Ontarians; and, explore new avenues of innovation and sustainability for our organization and develop exciting new partnerships and business models.

From 2017 to 2020, OntarioMD's work will be guided by its three areas of strategic focus:


Within each area of strategic focus, OntarioMD will capitalize on key strategic opportunities to realize significant value for Ontario's health care system. To learn more about these key strategic opportunities, their value for the health care system and their impact on patient care over the next three years, please read OntarioMD's strategic plan, OntarioMD: A Focus on Advancing Patient Care and Clinical Practice, 2017 - 2020.