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Useful Resources

HRM Advisory Notice: As of August 27th, 2022 the latest version of LOINC codes (v2.72) are being leveraged by HRM, as part of this release an additional character (hyphen) has been added to the description field for ‘COVID-19 Immunization Note’ (LOINC # 96874-3) reports, this may impact HRM mappings within your EMR as well as any custom built queries/tools. For more information contact:

OMD has assembled useful resources and tools for primary care practices that are offering COVID-19 vaccination clinics. These resources help you prepare for a vaccination clinic, supplement your COVaxON training, and reconcile vaccination data with your EMR data.

Offering a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic


‘How to’ Videos:

Videos on how to manage COVID-19 historical reports 

OMD Educates: Accessing COVaxON

OMD Educates: Clinical Flow

OMD Educates: Mass Data Load


COVaxON Job Aids

Job Aids are role-specific step-by-step instructions from the Ministry of Health to help COVaxON system users. If you would like a copy of a Job Aid, please email and specify which Job Aid(s) you wish to receive.

COVaxON Job Aid Associated COVaxON Role
Inventory Management COVaxON Inventory Manager
Inventory Reporting
COVaxON Inventory Manager
Creating Vaccine Events COVaxON User
 Client Check-In  
COVaxON Site Staff
Vaccine Administrator Job Aid COVaxON Vaccinator, Site Super User
Edit Dose Admin Records & Merge Duplicate Clients Job Aid COVaxON Vaccinator, Site Staff
Check Out Job Aid COVaxON Site Staff
User Profile Set Up Job AidCOVaxON User 
Simplified Vaccination FlowCOVaxON Vaccine Administrator, Site Super User
Mass Data Load Job Aid
Client Load Template
Site Super User
Out of Province and Non-Ontario Stock Immunization RecordsCOVaxON Vaccine Administrator, COVaxON Site Staff


Documents and Forms

Documents Description
Consent for COVID-19 Vaccination Documents
COVID-19 vaccination documents for consent and pre-screening assessment tool

COVID-19 Guidance for Individuals Vaccinated outside of Ontario/Canada

Guidance to support vaccination for individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccination outside of Ontario or Canada

General Immunization Documents for Immunizers and Vaccine Clinics
Guidance to support vaccination clinics for all approved vaccine types
General Immunization Documents for Patients COVID-19 educational information for patients:
  • COVID-19 vaccine information sheet
  • What you need to know about your COVID-19 vaccine appointment
Health Care Provider Education Documents

COVID-19 educational information for health care providers
Prioritization Resources

Guidance and ethical principles used to guide vaccine prioritization 

Referral Form for Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (Ontario Health form) 

Accuro® users:

The Ontario COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) EUA Treatment Referral form and List of sites distributing Paxlovid are available in Accuro Cloud. Please follow this link for instructions on how to download a form from Accuro cloud.

TELUS PSS users:

The Ontario COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) EUA Treatment Referral custom form and the List of sites distributing Paxlovid handout are available at:

Instructions on how to import a handout in PSS

Instructions on how to import a custom form in PSS

OSCAR Pro Users:

Please download the zip file to access the digital Ontario COVID-19 Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) EUA Treatment Referral form.

Report of Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI) Reporting Form (Public Health Ontario)

Please use this form to report an AEFI.  An AEFI is an unwanted or unexpected health effect that happens after someone receives a vaccine, which may or may not be caused by the vaccine.

COVID-19 and Respiratory Virus Test Requisition (Public Health Ontario) Current version of the Public Health Ontario COVID-19 Virus Test Requisition for all COVID-19 tests.


Ministry of Health Forms:


Vaccine Hesitancy and Patient Outreach


Post COVID-19 Condition Tools

Available for download at the eHealth Centre of Excellence Community Portal, the Post COVID-19 Condition Tool captures and tracks the progression of symptoms associated with the condition over time. The tool promotes supported self-management, allowing for a comprehensive management plan to be built based on presenting symptoms. In addition, a patient handout with symptom-specific links to available resources can be printed directly from the tool.



Join Quorum - Primary Care Vaccination QI Support Community of Practice (Ontario Health) 

OMD Support Team

For more information about OMD COVaxON training, please contact:

Phone: 416-623-1248
Toll Free: 1-866-744-8668

COVaxON Application Support

For COVaxON application-related issues, including enrolling new users, password reset, troubleshooting, and recording defects and other issues, please contact the Ministry of Health:

Phone 416-637-8672
Toll Free 1-888-333-0640

Hours: 7:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week.