Apply to become a member of the OntarioMD Board of Directors

May 30, 2019

OntarioMD’s Board of Directors is accountable for OntarioMD’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives, and for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources. We are looking for a qualified individual to fill a vacancy on the Board. Please review the OntarioMD Board of Directors Executive Brief for more information about OntarioMD and its Board and the OntarioMD Board Director – Position Description for information on the time commitment, term, required expertise and competencies we are looking for in a Board member. Please send your resume and a cover letter outlining the basis for your interest, a summary of qualifications and experience, and what you can uniquely contribute to the governance role of the Board, particularly addressing the areas of focus/expertise being sought by the Board to The Candidate Review Committee will review your application and will contact selected applicants for an interview. 

The deadline for applications is June 15, 2019.