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Call for Abstracts


To present at the OMD Educates: Digital Health Conference in Toronto during Fall 2023.

Abstract Guidelines

Overall Theme:  I can do that using digital health: realizing value for clinicians and patients

Objective: Educate attendees on how to access more patient data, communicate with other health care providers and improve their use of EMRs and integrated digital health tools to enhance patient care and practice efficiency 

Stream 1: Advancing Patient Care Using Technology  

Using best practices and/or technology that are having positive impact on patient care, using widely available technologies such as EMRs and solutions integrated with them. 

Examples: Proper use of data to identify care gaps, improve patient engagement, provide clinical decision support, manage population care, and manage complex conditions using technology; Managing changes to workflow introduced by technology. 

Stream 2: Practice productivity and efficiency to decrease administrative burden. 

Use of technology to better manage time and resources or decrease administrative tasks and burnout within a practice. 

Examples: Billing optimization, enhancing clinical encounter documentation, better appointment booking and scheduling, decreasing wait times, streamlining patient flow, retrieving relevant information at the point of care, …. " 

Stream 3: Integrating existing and future innovative technologies with your EMR 

Examples: Innovative uses of HRM, OLIS, eConsult, etc.; mobile apps; voice recognition software and AI tools; billing tools; secure communications; quality/population management dashboards; patient portals; interfaces with medical devices; improvements to EMR functionality; EMRs, integrated care delivery. 

Stream 4: From Principles to Practice: Implementing leading practices  

Examples: Privacy & Security training; business continuity plans; disaster recovery plans; EMR data retention and retirement; data governance in a digital health world; using the EMR during a CPSO assessment 

Sponsored Stream (This stream is for organizations/companies that would like to present)

Stream 5: Are you a digital health organization? Do you have an innovative solution that can help physician practices? Would you like to get in front of hundreds of clinicians? Submit an abstract and apply to get your opportunity to present your solution.  

Abstracts that are accepted in this stream will be required to pay the sponsored session fee (Value - $7,000). Organizations will get all the benefits of the sponsorship associated with this.

Examples: Certified EMRs, Healthcare Technology, digital health and virtual care solutions. Products that integrates with certified EMRs and enhance practice efficiency/improve patient care 

Submission Options 

  • Concurrent Session - 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions (Max: 500 words. Limited to 2 presenters) 
  • Panel Session - 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions (Max: 500 words. Limited to 3 presenters) 

While every effort will be made to accommodate requests for concurrent and panel sessions, OntarioMD reserves the right to change the session format for successful submissions (e.g., from panel to concurrent session). 

Submission Deadlines 

  • Submission Opens  – April 3, 2023 
  • Submission Closes – May 31, 2023 


  • Sessions are CME-accredited by the regulatory colleges and therefore, only abstracts that are educational and based on the mature use of EMRs or technology integrated with EMRs are eligible for consideration. 

  • Product Sales pitches, vendors, government agencies and digital health organizations can only submit abstracts under the sponsored stream ($7,000 value if approved)  

Please email if you have any questions and are looking for opportunities to showcase your product/service at the conference.