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i4C Dashboard

i4C Program Notice

Thank you for your interest in OntarioMD’s Insights4Care (i4C) Program, which is funded by Ontario Health (OH).  If you are exploring ways to support your practice improvement initiatives, you are invited to engage with OMD’s Advisory Service. An Advisor will then determine the best options for you (e.g., group workshops or personalized support) based on your deadlines and other factors.

  1. Actionable Data Insights at Clinicians' Fingertips
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Actionable Data Insights at Clinicians' Fingertips

EMR-connected clinicians are accumulating a wealth of important data. They need the ability to easily view and interpret that data in real-time for better population health management, and to drill down to patient-level data to act on it at the point of care.

OntarioMD's (OMD) Insights4Care (i4C) Dashboard offers an EMR-­integrated practice solution that meets these needs.

This actionable population health management tool:

  • Gives clinicians real-time visual representation of their EMR data using widely recognized primary care indicators, each representing different preventive care and chronic disease management focus points (diabetes test results, smoking status, etc.)
  • Enables clinicians to drill down to patient-level data for each indicator and take immediate proactive steps to improve patient care
  • Helps clinicians standardize their data entry to improve the quality of patient data in their EMR
  • Allows clinicians to trend their indicator over time
  • Is provincially scalable to all Ontario clinicians using an OMD-certified EMR



Contact Us

If you are exploring ways to support your practice improvement initiatives, you are invited to engage with OMD's Advisory Service. An Advisor will then determine the best options for you (e.g., group workshops or personalized support) based on your deadlines and other factors.


User Benefits

  • Gain better, customized insights about your patients
    Use your real-time EMR data to generate reports on individual and population health using 30 indicators, which include chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity. Prioritize specific health indicators related to the needs of your patients and populations within your catchment area, geographic region or Ontario Health Team.

  • Take advantage of i4C's integrated bundling of digital health tools and services
    The i4C program combines embedded EMR tools like the Dashboard with our hands-on Advisory Service, a dedicated team that provides coaching and support to help you maximize your use of the Dashboard and other EMR functionalities, and to understand, standardize and act on patient data.

  • Make improvements to the way you manage preventive care and chronic diseases
    Understand your EMR data better to help you be proactive with your patients and leverage the data for better patient outcomes.

  • Ease of use and accessibility
    Adoption is simple thanks to seamless integration of the Dashboard/reporting tool with clinical workflows and EMR functionality.

  • Access new reports and insights
    OMD is currently developing an additional report customized for each clinician to reveal more in-depth patient and practice managements insights; this customized report will only be available to i4C Dashboard clinicians who have shared their data with OMD.

Have questions about the i4C Dashboard's use of patient data?
Check out the i4C FAQ for information on privacy and security, who can access the Dashboard and for more benefits of the i4C Program.


i4C Dashboard Indicators

The Dashboard is powered by a growing number of widely recognized and clinically valuable primary care indicators across five key categories:

  • Chronic Disease Management
    Indicators to support management of patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension through standardized diagnosis coding and ensuring best-practice care guidelines are followed

  • Preventive Health Care
    Indicators to support proactive follow-up for at-risk patients by identifying patients overdue for screenings, immunizations, or other interventions

    Pie Chart Example of Breast Cancer Screening Indicator
    Bar graph example of breast cancer screening overdue indicatorPie Chart example of preventative care bonus screening indicator

  • Practice Management
    Indicators to help identify potential practice data capture or workflow improvements to support more efficient practice management

  • Medication Management
    Indicators to support best practice care guidelines for managing patient medications

  • Reporting
    Indicators to support physicians in meeting targets or requirements set by the province, Ontario Health or funders, or for claiming Cumulative Preventive Care Bonuses

Visit the OMD i4C Dashboard Indicator Library for a full overview and description of indicators in current use or proposed for future Dashboard inclusion. The full set of indicators currently implemented in the i4C Dashboard are contained within the current i4C Indicator Release.


Live Demos

Check out the following videos for a live demo of how the i4C Dashboard works to unlock quality EMR data for better patient outcomes.


   Testimonials: What Users are Saying

"The Insights4Care Dashboard is significant because it gives clinicians real-time access to a population view of the wealth of patient data they have collected in their EMRs for the first time. As clinicians, when we have the ability to drill down to patient-level data, we can identify trends, provide better follow-up and most importantly provide improved outcomes for our patients. Thank you to OntarioMD for driving digital health solutions further and leading the way to improved population health management through quality data." 

—    Dr. Dennis DiValentino, Family Physician & Co-Chair of the Technology & the Future of Health Care 2019 Conference


"I have found the OntarioMD i4C Dashboard to be a very helpful resource. With a few clicks, the Dashboard enables chart audits on my entire practice for many quality indicators. For example, I easily identified and generated a list of patients on chronic higher dose narcotics, and then worked with them to successfully reduce dosages."

—    Dr. Meghan Davis, MD, FCFP


"The Dashboard has the potential to provide critical information that will be required to coordinate integrated care services within Ontario Health Teams, as well as provide teams with a monitoring mechanism for quality assurance and improvement."  

— The Centre for Digital Health Evaluation at the Women's College Hospital Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV)


"The use of OntarioMD Dashboards has had a significant impact on my practice. The overall layout of the Outcomes Dashboard enables the physician to see a universal and clear picture of their practice and identify areas that require attention. The Preventative Cancer Screenings Dashboard has been a valuable tool for my practice, where the percentage of overdue screenings is seen at a glance, and lists are populated easily to recall patients in a timely manner. Consequently, the percentage of overdue screenings has significantly decreased ultimately providing better patient care."

—  Dr. Emad Henein, CCFP, M.B.CH.B.