Every Step Conference

September 22, 2016 - International Conference Centre

The EMR: Every Step Conference is an interactive day to learn about what's new in certified Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), participate in EMR vendor training, network with your peers and visit the vendor showcase. This is Canada's largest EMR conference series and is an ideal venue to get inspired on how to get more benefits from your EMR! This program has been certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario office for up to 7.50 Group Learning credits.

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The conference theme, From Potential to Practice, is focused on four educational streams to inspire you to improve your EMR use to enhance patient care and practice efficiency. Most sessions are eligible for Continuing Medical Education (Mainpro M1) credits.

The conference leverages the EMR experiences and expertise of Physician, Clinic Manager and Nurse Peer Leaders along with other physicians and EMR specialists who have developed the concurrent sessions.

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Admission Fee: $100 + HST

What you get:

  • Access to all educational sessions and the opportunity to earn CME credits (a minimum $100+ value)
  • Attend EMR Training Workshops for which your EMR vendor would charge a training fee (For current users of the EMRs featured in the workshops)
  • Keynote Address by Dr. Danielle Martin, Vice-President Medical Affairs & Health System Solutions. Women's College Hospital (WCH)
  • The opportunity to meet with EMR vendors and other exhibitors all in one day
  • Individual appointments with OntarioMD Peer Leaders (appointments are limited so make one soon)
  • Learn about the EMR Progress Assessment and try it
  • Network with your colleagues
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
  • Free parking

Register by filling out the form below or call 1-866-339-1233, ext. 0.


8:00am - 9:00am

Presented by Dr. Danielle Martin, Vice-President Medical Affairs & Health System Solutions. Women's College Hospital (WCH)

Danielle Martin is a family doctor and national media commentator on the health issues that hit closest to home for many Canadian families. She practices in the Family Practice Health Centre at Women's College Hospital (WCH) where she is also the Vice-President Medical Affairs & Health System Solutions.

In 2013, Danielle was named one of the Toronto Star's top "13 People to Watch" - and watch they have. Appearing regularly on CBC's The National, where she unpacks hot health topics from the latest in cancer research to physician assisted dying, Danielle has been a strong advocate for removing barriers to care and improving equity across Canada.

Best known for her debate on the merits of the Canadian vs. American health systems in a U.S. Senate Subcommittee hearing in Washington, D.C. with Senator Richard Burr and Bernie Sanders, she has continued to defend and define the ways that we can make our healthcare system even more worthy of our immense national pride.

Since her first year of practice, when she helped launched Canadian Doctors for Medicare, Danielle has gone on to help found the WCH Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care - a hub of innovation dedicated to solving the health gaps in our system. From a national pharmacare program dedicated to ensuring that all Canadians can access necessary medications, to a basic income to protect the health of low-income Canadians - Danielle's policy work, research and advocacy focus is on closing the health gaps faced by vulnerable Canadians face.

MORNING SESSIONS (Please note times for each session are available during the registration process.)

Presented by Dr. Mario Elia, OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader

Hear from a CPSO Peer Assessor and family physician about which features of your EMR will play an important role during the pre-assessment, assessment day and post chart review.

Presented by Dr. Jeffrey Habert, OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader

Cyberliability has become a buzzword, but what does it actually mean and more importantly are you inadvertently putting yourself, your patients and your business in a vulnerable position? Join OMA Insurance for a lively and important session that will help you understand your risk and provide you with tips you can put to use right away to manage this growing threat.

Presented by Bruce H. Palmer, Managing Director, Insurance Services - Ontario Medical Association

An interactive discussion on how to improve your practice management using your EMR.

Presented by Peter Hamer, OntarioMD Clinic Manager Peer Leader

Presented by Dr. Darren Larsen, Chief Medical Information Officer, OntarioMD

Presented by Gina Palmese, Manager, Practice Enhancement, OntarioMD and OntarioMD Peer Leader

As demand for physician time grows, it becomes increasingly important to identify opportunities to improve office efficiency and find previously lost time in the day. The purpose of this session is to provide a business overview to physicians on concepts required to operate efficient practices. In doing so, physicians will be able to better manage the work they do, further ensuring their focus and time is dedicated to patient care (Overall Office Management not focused on EMR).

Presented by the Ontario Medical Association

Understand key concepts and definitions, physician responsibilities, how to handle privacy breaches and the latest proposed amendments to the Act.

Presented by Ariane Siegel, General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, OntarioMD

This presentation will show a step wise process used to identify patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), create a cohort and then study medication profiles of the cohort. Learning Objectives include:

  • Disease:Drug interactions are common and your EMR can prevent errors in prescribing
  • Data quality lessons are numerous having created one cohort
  • EMR Optimization grows when you do Population Health

Presented by Dr. Stephen McLaren, OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader and Lisa Ruddy, OntarioMD Nurse Peer Leader

Learning Objectives include:

  • More accurately and efficiently detect, prevent and manage chronic diseases through the use of this reliable tool
  • Improve care and optimize outcomes for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Depression, Hypertension through using EMRs
  • Know how to leverage the available learning tools to support uptake and implementation of queries and what follows the implementation of queries!

Presented by Ms. Sara Dalo, Manager of Quality, Experience and Patient Safety, Mr. Thiv Paramsothy, Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist and Mr. Jesse Lamothe Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist

OntarioMD with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, eHealth Ontario, Ontario telemedicine Network (OTN) eConsult and the Champlain Local Health Integration Network BASE eConsult are working to improve access to speciality care by connecting primary care clinicians to specialists across the province. Join us to learn about the outcomes of our benefits evaluation conducted in Phase 1 and hear about the initiative and how you can gain access to speciality care.

Presented by Elizabeth Keller, Vice-President Product Strategy and Delivery, OntarioMD

Presented by Dr. James Swan, Specialist Physician Peer Leader

Learning Objectives include:

  • Learning how to implement an extensive roster management project within a large, complex interprofessional primary care organization.
  • Learning how to set up an effective and efficient roster clean-up process within an Accuro EMR environment and how to utilize a sandbox to minimize impacts on the live EMR.

Presented by Dr. Anne DuVall, OntarioMD Physician Peer Leader and Sean McConnachie, Manager of Quality Improvement & Decision Support & Associate Privacy Officer. Barrie Community Family Health Team

The panel session provides a unique opportunity for conference attendees to engage early in discussion around a multi-jurisdictional e-Prescribing approach, and to provide constructive feedback on early models of the proposed service.

Presented by Canada Health Infoway

This interactive workshop includes a brief overview of an array of data sources and tools that can be used to inform quality improvement at the practice-level. Following a discussion about the purpose and functionality of these tools, participants will have the opportunity to apply the tools to a scenario and discover how they can work together synergistically.

By the end of this interactive session attendees will be able to:

  • Describe the various HQO data sources available to primary care providers
  • Understand how HQO's Primary Care Practice Reports and Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) can be leveraged as comparators to clinic-based EMR reports to inform practice-level improvement activities
  • Dialogue with peers and facilitators to share experiences with using data to drive improvement

Presented by Dave Zago Team Lead (Clinical Adoption) and Maria Krahn - Quality Improvement Specialist, Clinical Adopter - Health Quality Ontario

Ted Alexander, MA, Benefits Realization Manager, London Health Sciences Centre, Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct), McMaster University Department of Family Medicine and Lori-Anne Huebner, MEd, Benefits Realization Lead, eHealth Centre of Excellence, Centre for Family Medicine Family Health Team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the role of the EMR in enabling point of care data collection
  • Provide examples of successful collaboration between researchers, clinicians and EMR vendors
  • Discuss the potential impact on future design for EMRs

Presented by Dr. Ilana Halperin, Specialist Physician Peer Leader

Participants can expect to learn the following:

  • Process challenges to create shared files with external internet applications
  • Quality Assurance requirements to ensure accurate data transmission
  • Privacy and Security requirements in a share data application
  • Opportunities to advocate for EMR enhancements

Presented by Kirk Miller, Justin Wolting and Kathleen Vanleeuwen, Guelph Family Health Team

12:00pm - 1:00pm



Are you currently practicing in a Primary Care Model and would like to learn more about billing? The OMA seminar will discuss Primary Care Billing for family physicians, focusing on the FHO model. The session will cover primary care codes and give you a better understanding of topics such as premiums, Q codes and bonuses available.

Presented by the Ontario Medical Association.

The EMR Progress Assessment (EPA) is an evidence-based tool for physicians who wish to assess their current EMR use and make improvements. Book an appointment to meet with one of our OntarioMD Practice Engagement Consultants and complete the EMR Progress Assessment at the conference. (30 mins - by appointment)

Gain tips and tricks in these interactive workshops from your EMR Vendor. (For existing users of the EMR.)

  • ABELMed Inc. (ABELMed EHR)
  • Alpha Global iT (GlobeMed)
  • Canadian Health Systems (EMR Advantage)
  • Indivica (Indivicare)
  • P&P Data Systems (Clinic Information System (CIS)
  • QHR Technologies (Accuro EMR)
  • Telus Health (PS Suite)

Current turnaround times for drug funding requests under the Exceptional Access Program are unacceptable. To address this, the ministry is developing an online tool for drug funding requests that will drastically reduce turnaround times, and in some cases provide real-time responses. The online tool will also include additional functionality to simplify the management of drug funding requests and allow physicians to spend more time with their patients. This focus group is your opportunity to ensure the online tool meets the needs of your practice and patients.

Facilitated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Looking for advice on enhancing your EMR use? Meet one on one with an OntarioMD Physician, Clinic Manager or Nurse Peer Leader. (20 mins - by appointment)


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