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  1. What is OntarioMD’s Insights4Care Program?

    The OntarioMD Insights4Care (i4C) Program recognizes that clinicians’ ability to quickly and easily view and action on data through their EMRs is essential to improving patient care and population health. The program combines a powerful EMR-integrated tool – the i4C Dashboard – for clinicians to view and measure changes in patient data in their EMRs with OntarioMD’s proven hands-on practice support. The result is a program that will help clinicians improve their data quality, understand how to analyze it to drive practice goals, and use that data to proactively improve patient care.

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  3. What does the program do?

    The Insights4Care Program delivers clinically valuable quality improvement tools like the i4C Dashboard, along with hands-on training and coaching support through the i4C Advisory Service. Data collected during our proof of concept phase reveals that quality improvement increases significantly when the i4C Dashboard is used with OntarioMD-led support. This underscores the importance and clinical value of this program combining EMR-integrated data quality tools with customized, responsive clinical support.

    Program components:

    • i4C Dashboard – An EMR-integrated, user-friendly and actionable population health management tool.
    • i4C Advisory Service – Change management support delivered by OntarioMD’s EMR experts and quality improvement advisors to assist clinician practices to adopt and use the i4C Dashboard and quality indicators, understand and maximize the impact of data quality best practices, and enhance clinical and practice management.
    • Education and Support Resources – Online resources that support clinicians’ use of the Dashboard to proactively engage patients and effectively manage their patient roster. Clinicians may claim CME credits for panel management.

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  5. Who contributed to the i4C Program?

    OntarioMD has led the i4C Program since 2015 (previously known as the EMR Physician/Quality Dashboard initiative). Through the first two Proof of Concept phases, OntarioMD collaborated with EMR vendors TELUS Health and OSCAR EMR and clinicians from across the province to obtain valuable insights and feedback to ensure the i4C Dashboard provides clinical value to clinicians and their patients. OntarioMD also worked closely with Health Quality Ontario, the Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario to develop the suite of primary care indicators used in the Dashboard.

    We will continue to work with our stakeholder partners during the current provincial expansion phase to ensure OntarioMD’s i4C Program builds on the initial success of the Dashboard and helps clinicians to use the data in their EMRs for effective population health management and improved patient outcomes. We will continue to work with EMR vendors to expand i4C Dashboard access to more clinicians using a wide range of certified EMR offerings. We will also explore additional stakeholder partnerships to enhance the i4C Program.


  6. How is the i4C Dashboard different from other dashboards and quality reports (e.g. D2D, MyPractice Report, etc.) currently available to clinicians?

    An environmental scan conducted during the i4C Dashboard Proof of Concept examined many types of dashboards that display metrics derived from EMR data. Existing primary care dashboards can be differentiated in several ways. Some dashboards focus on helping clinicians improve primary care outcomes, while others focus on improving system outcomes. While some dashboards were built for a specific purpose (e.g., improving a single chronic condition), others focus on improving a broader set of primary care outcomes. Finally, some are focused on improving clinical outcomes, while others focus on driving EMR data quality, and some consider both.

    The results of this environmental scan confirmed the i4C Dashboard is the only dashboard that:

    • integrates with EMRs to provide clinicians with indicator results based on real-time data, enabling clinicians to take immediate action;
    • provides a programmatic approach to quality improvement in combination with complementary program offerings, training, coaching and quality improvement resources; and
    • is scalable across EMR offerings with the ability to expand the set of incorporated indicators in response to changing clinical needs.


  7. Will all Ontario clinicians eventually have access to the Dashboard?

    During the proof of concept for the i4C Dashboard, OntarioMD expanded participation to up to 500 clinicians across the province. The current provincial expansion phase will offer access to an additional 500 clinicians during the 2019-2020 fiscal year, as well as providing access to the i4C Advisory Service.  

    OntarioMD continues to fine-tune a business plan for the eventual roll-out of the i4C Program to the more than 17,000 Ontario clinicians who use an OntarioMD-certified EMR.

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  9. Why is OntarioMD uniquely positioned to offer this service?

    OntarioMD has successfully helped more than 17,000 Ontario clinicians adopt and use EMRs in their practice. Many of these clinicians are also using OntarioMD digital health tools such as Health Report Manager (HRM) and eNotifications. OntarioMD also manages the EMR certification program for Ontario and develops EMR specifications that evolve certified EMRs to address clinicians’ needs and government priorities. The Dashboard is well-aligned to empower clinicians to realize clinical value and provide more proactive care for better patient outcomes.

    OntarioMD has also built a strong reputation as a trusted advisor for clinicians, supporting their adoption and optimized use of EMRs and other digital health tools. The organization provides hands-on support from EMR expert users to help clinicians and practice staff understand how they can better use the technology to meet their unique practice needs and improve efficiency and patient outcomes.


  10. How can clinicians participate in the i4C Dashboard and/or i4C Advisory Service?

    OntarioMD is currently reaching out to users of TELUS Health’s OntarioMD-certified EMR offerings to sign them up as i4C Dashboard users.

    OSCAR EMR participated in the Proof of Concept and successfully deployed the i4C Dashboard to many OSCAR clinicians. McMaster University and OSCAR EMR are proceeding with an updated approach to EMR certification to better serve the dedicated OSCAR community. OntarioMD is working closely with McMaster University during this transition period to continue development and support of the i4C Dashboard for OSCAR. During the transition, there is no further deployment of the Dashboard to OSCAR EMR clinicians. OntarioMD is actively engaging with other EMR vendors to add i4C Dashboard into their EMR offerings, ensuring gradual expansion and access to this tool.

    All clinicians using OntarioMD-certified EMRs can take advantage of the i4C Advisory Service, whether they are using the i4C Dashboard or not.

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  12. Where can clinicians and other interested individuals find more information on the i4C Program?

    For more information on the i4C Program, please visit the OntarioMD website or contact OntarioMD at