Frequently Asked Questions - eConsult


About eConsult

  1. What is the difference between an eConsult and an eReferral?

    An eConsult differs from an eReferral in that the patient does not have a face to face visit with the specialist. The patient's condition is discussed between the patient's primary care provider (family physician or nurse practitioner) and the specialist. With an eReferral, the patient goes to the specialist for an initial consultation after the primary care provider sends the specialist the referral information.


  2. What are the similarities between an eConsult and an eReferral?

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  4. How are clinicians compensated for using eConsult?

    Only participating physicians are compensated for using eConsult:

    • Family physicians using eConsult may bill the OHIP fee code K738
    • Specialists are compensated directly through OntarioMD based on the time they spend on eConsults, prorated based on a rate of $200/hr



  5. What is the CMPA's position on using eConsult to provide patient care?

    The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) has assessed the eConsult flow of care and determined that it provides an opportunity to improve efficiency, enhance patient care, expand access to specialists and provide a clear audit trail of the specialist's advice given to the requesting clinician for the suggested care of the patient.

    For more information on the CMPA's eConsult position, please review the CMPA Assessment.


  6. Can a physician assistant or allied health make an eConsult request?

    Presently, only family physicians and nurse practitioners can be requesting clinicians. Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) eConsult does, however, allow family physicians to designate delegates. Delegates act on behalf of the requesting clinician and have access to all of the functionality. The only difference between a delegate user and a requesting clinician is that the requesting clinician is ultimately responsible for their delegate's use of the system.


  7. How can I access eConsult? 

    eConsult is open to physicians and nurse practitioners practicing across Ontario. There are certain eligibility criteria that must be met to participate in eConsult.

    Please contact your OntarioMD Practice Advisor or email:


  8. What happens after I email expressing my interest in participating?

    Once our team receives a message from you indicating you're interested in participating:

    • A member of our team will contact you to collect some information from you to get the registration process started
    • We will also schedule a time for us to meet with you either in person over a video conference in order to complete the ONE ID registration process
    • Once you have gone live on Ontario Telemedicine (OTN) eConsult, you will receive a welcome note providing you with our log in details
    • This process can take around 20 business days depending on your availability to meet with our team



  9. Is eConsult accessible through my EMR? 

    eConsult is available through QHR and OSCAR EMRs for 40 physicians as part of the eConsult EMR Integration proof of concept. OntarioMD is in the process of finalizing details to allow additional QHR and OSCAR users access to eConsult through their EMRs. Your field team will be approaching you to get connected as soon as this is in place. Additionally, OntarioMD is targeting publishing the eConsult EMR Specification by early 2018 to enable additional EMR Vendors to implement the eConsult module on their software.