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Exhibitor & Sponsorship Information

OntarioMD Digital Health and Virtual Care Day

Sponsorship, Advertising, and Exhibitor Opportunities

OMD Digital Health and Virtual Care Day returns on Thursday, September 30. This virtual day will focus on leveraging digital health and virtual care tools to complement the in-person delivery of patient care. 

A key component of OMD Digital Health and Virtual Care Day will be the virtual vendor showcase and the opportunity to bring clinicians and vendors supporting digital health and virtual care together. We are pleased to introduce as part of this virtual conference, a variety of different sponsorship opportunities and a virtual vendor showcase to help spotlight vendors.

Sponsored Session

We have limited opportunities (six available spots) for vendors to present at the conference as part of our sponsored sessions. The sponsored sessions are a great opportunity for your organization to get in front of registrants to provide a talk on digital health and virtual care tools.

To submit an inquirer for a sponsored session, please email the Events Manager, Revin Samuel at with your company description, session title and description

Commercials/Promotional Videos

We have limited commercial spots available for promotional videos to be played during the transition between educational sessions. These are great opportunities to ensure your company gets exposure and awareness to as many participants as possible within the live streams.

View Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Looking for a Custom Sponsorship Package? Please email Revin Samuel at  to discuss opportunities.

Looking for some numbers?

  • 2500+ registered for the conference in 2020
  • 3000+ visited the conference platform ( on conference day
  • 20,000+ stream links were clicked on conference day
  • 1100+ attended the keynote address

Eligibility: OMD Digital Health and Virtual Care Day virtual vendor showcase and sponsorship/marketing opportunities are available to vendors and health care organizations that provide digital health and virtual care services as well as vendors with certified EMR offerings, government agencies, and registered charities. If you have any questions about eligibility or do not fit the criteria mentioned above, please email Revin Samuel – to see if your organization is eligible to participate.