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OntarioMD EMR Quality Dashboard Completes Successful Proof of Concept

April 15, 2019

OntarioMD's EMR Quality Dashboard initiative achieved a significant milestone in March 2019, successfully completing the Proof of Concept (PoC) that began in late 2015. During this time, we succeeded in demonstrating both the technical feasibility and clinical relevance of a user-friendly EMR-integrated Dashboard that leverages leading indicator frameworks, and the positive impact of OntarioMD's change management support on the adoption and use of this tool.  

Key PoC accomplishments include:

  • 500 clinicians participating
  • 30 indicators defined and available for the Dashboard
  • Draft for Use EMR Specification and indicator library published
  • 87% of indicators recorded improvements after just 90 days of use
  • 65% of clinician users were active, accessing the tool at least once a month
  • OntarioMD's EMR Practice Enhancement Program (EPEP) team delivered Dashboard training to 324 clinicians, and 45% of those clinicians also received in-depth EPEP engagements
  • 60% of respondents to our participant survey cited in-person engagement by OntarioMD field staff as the key to their sustained use of the Dashboard

Many individuals and organizations have been instrumental in the success of this initiative, including:

  • The clinicians who participated in Phase 1 and 2 of our Proof of Concept
  • Our clinician advisory group and health care organization partners (Health Quality Ontario, Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario, Alliance for Healthier Communities and Canadian Institute for Health Information), who contributed valuable insight and expertise that shaped the Dashboard framework and clinical indicators
  • Our vendor partners, OSCAR EMR and TELUS Health Solutions Inc.
  • OntarioMD leadership, and our staff in the field and at our head office

Our focus is now on provincial expansion of the EMR Quality Dashboard and an associated Quality Improvement Advisory service to support Dashboard-connected clinicians to improve their EMR data quality and enhance patient care. We'll share more information on this work in the months to come!