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EMR Specifications Overview

EMR Specifications and Certification Management

OntarioMD works with physicians, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, eHealth Ontario and other stakeholders, including EMR vendors, to develop and manage the provincial EMR Specifications. OntarioMD certifies EMR offerings that have successfully completed the validation process, according to the applicable provincial EMR Specifications and validation requirements. New EMR Specifications are published from time to time to ensure that EMR offerings used by Ontario physicians facilitate their participation in the evolving digital health environment. The EMR vendor must sign an EMR Certification Agreement with OntarioMD, agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement. To maintain certified status and ensure physicians continue to use an approved EMR, vendors are required to comply with their EMR Certification Agreement and to meet the requirements of new EMR Specifications within specified timelines.

OntarioMD publishes information about certified EMR offerings to assist clinicians in identifying and evaluating EMRs to best meet their needs.

The goal of EMR Specifications and Certification Management is to evolve the functionality and usability of EMR products and services to help EMR users realizing the increasing value of their EMRs, to improve patient care, enhance patient safety, and access the patient information contained in regional and provincial eHealth assets as they become available.

EMR Specification Overview

  • Current Ontario EMR Specifications contain the business and technical requirements that EMR offerings must meet in order to be certified by OntarioMD. Physicians are required to use a certified EMR offering to participate in provincial EMR funding programs.
  • Vendor Collaborative Networks provide services to physicians in support of a certified EMR offering. OntarioMD has reviewed and approved the EMR vendor to offer this comprehensive package of services to physicians.
  • FAQ for Physicians provides answers to commonly asked questions about Ontario EMR Specifications.

For more information, please call / email OntarioMD at 1-866-744-8668,