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Vendor Collaborative Networks

A Vendor Collaborative Network (VCN) is a series of services outlined below that physicians can obtain from the vendor of their certified EMR product.

The specific services supplied to you are:

  1. Training: For all persons using the EMR in the practice
  2. IT Support: For the EMR and associated hardware and communication network
  3. Software Updates: Keeping the EMR upgraded to most current version within the required compliance period
  4. Disaster Recovery: To ensure that patient and clinical management data can be recovered quickly and with minimal data loss
  5. Business Continuity Plan: To ensure that you can continue in business quickly in the eventuality that your practice and/or servers are no longer available
  6. Backups: System for daily off-site backups of critical patient and clinic management data
  7. Data Migration: Obtain and understand the vendor's annual data migration test results; ensure clinic is able to migrate data in the event of change to a different EMR
  8. Security:
    • Maintain critical data encryption to a strength of at least 128 bits
    • Maintain the safety of all keys for decryption of critical data and usernames/passwords
    • Keep all servers safe from unauthorized access or tampering
    • Maintain local area network security, including the use of a stateful packet inspection firewall and router at LAN perimeter and monitoring of traffic
    • Maintain in place and current all anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware system
  9. ISO 14385-2003: Stay informed of the vendor's plan for maintaining its' ISO certification.

For further information on vendors who offer the VCN service, click here.