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Ontario EMR Specifications

This overview contains information and documentation about the Ontario EMR Specifications.

Current EMR Specifications

In 2013, Ontario EMR Specification v4.1/4.1A was restructured from one comprehensive EMR Specification into a number of individual specifications that collectively represent the major components of EMR Specification v4.1.

On April 1, 2015, OntarioMD published several individual Ontario EMR Specifications as Final. Moving forward, each of these EMR Specifications will be managed individually with its own version number and evolve as new requirements are introduced thereby reducing the development cycle for introducing EMR enhancements.

At this time, the publication of these individual Ontario EMR Specifications will not trigger validations for existing certified EMR offerings. Subsequent certification of EMR offerings will be based on validation against the individual EMR Specifications model.

Proof of Concepts

OntarioMD works with EMR vendors, clinicians and other partner organizations in Proof of Concepts to define and evaluate emerging EMR functional and EHR integration requirements. The outcomes from these Proof of Concepts inform future EMR Specifications to be published by OntarioMD.

Specialty-Specific EMR Requirement Specifications

On March 11, 2014, OntarioMD published the Specialty-Specific Certified EMR Offering submission and evaluation process along with the first Specialty-Specific Certified EMR Specification and EMR Release document.

This initiative will improve adoption of certified EMRs among community-based specialists, recognize and build on the success of specialties that have realized greater EMR adoption, better inform EMR vendors of the specialty-specific expectations that community-based specialists have of their EMRs, and build a model that can be leveraged for all community-based specialties.

Historical Documents

The previous version of the Ontario EMR Specification and related historical documents are available for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions for EMR Vendors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for EMR Vendors provides answers to commonly asked questions about Ontario EMR Specifications.

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